2016 Ford F-250 FX4


Lighting Modifications:

So I may have gone overboard on my external lighting configuration here….but hey, when you’re stuck running-boards deep in a sand dune in the middle of the desert in the dark when trying to pull out your friends F-150 ecoboost who is sunk axle-deep in the sand, you need all the help you can get.  It was this situation

That made me want to add 360dg lighting so in the event of another adventure I could easily see enough to get out of the situation.  I already had the two lights on the front bumper wired in to the upfitter switches #3/4 (10A/15A) mounted on a smittybilt prerunner bar and a Rough Country hidden bumper mount. 

See this document from Ford which outlines the amperage for each of the 4 upfitter switches.  I used this to identify the correct wiring harness to tap into.  It’s kind of a pain in the ass since they dump out in the engine bay right in front of the firewall above the steering column and they are very short leads you have to work with, especially once you strip the wires! The ones under the dash/steering column are a little easier to work with, but not by much!


I decided on the Go Rhino 530000T sport bar to mount on the bed rails. This gave me plenty of light mounting points.  It was fairly easy to install, it just uses rubber grommets that go into the stakebed holes on the bedrails.  Then you tighten them down to expand the rubber and hold it in place.  However, that didn’t make it stable enough for my comfort, it would definitely wobble on the freeway.  So I drilled one hole through each bed rail and bolted down the bar as well.  This worked perfectly.

I then mounted 4 x 51watt 5100lumen spotlights to the bar. And since I had one extra red 12″ Auxbeam light bar laying around from an install on my dirt bike, I mounted that under the sport bar as a reverse flood light.

I used some old wiring harnesses I had laying around from other light bar installs to daisy chain them all together, and then ran the wire through the air vent in the back of the cab, then along the driver side carpet up to the upfitter switch wiring tap under the dash.  It worked great!

I also mounted my CB antenna to the sport rack by drilling a few holes and mounting it on a spring whip.  I then ran the wiring through the rear cab air vent on the passenger side and ran the wire up to the center console where I mounted the CB.

This all worked great, and I’ve got a lot of comments on the sport rack and light bars.  It may be overkill and I’m sure I look like a huge redneck driving around San Diego, but hey it’s my truck and I love it so who cares!

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Window Tint:

Recently had the fronts tinted to match the rears.

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