2014 Eclipse Attitude 19FB Toy Hauler


In August 2014 we purchased our first RV, a 2014 Eclipse Attitude 19FB Toy Hauler.  Dani and I had been researching Toy Haulers for a quite a while, and narrowed down exactly what we wanted.  Our main requirements were size/weight that my truck could pull (09 F-150 FX4 w/ 5.4 v8) and could fit in our side yard, and that it had a front bedroom.  After looking at (and nearly buying) a few, we settled on the Attitude.  Once we saw it in person, we were sold.

The fit/finish and quality of the interior is pretty damn amazing.  Looking a lot of older and used trailers, we could see what held up to years in the desert.  Attitude has a great reputation for quality, plus the factory is just an hour and a half north of us in Riverside.

After having it for 4 months and a few desert trips on it already, we love it.  Plenty of room for the two of us and two dogs.  I fit 3 dirt bikes in it no problem, and it tows well with with my truck.  I want to use this page to log the modifications I’m doing to the trailer, and  hopefully share and learn things from other Toy Hauler owners.



For anyone else looking at purchasing one, here is the deal we got on the thing, which I maintain is one of the best deals I’ve seen.  After checking it out at Giant RV in Montclair, we sat down with the sales guy and ran our credit.  He asked what it would take for us to buy it, and I threw out a pretty crazy deal but was ready to walk if they didn’t take it.

Their price on the trailer was $24,000.  I threw out the following:

  • Trailer (including generator – 4000w Champion remote start)
  • Weight Distributing Hitch setup ($600)
  • Tekonsha Prodigy P2 ($150)
  • Rear Add-A-WallScreen ($150)
  • 5 year extended warranty including Perma-Plate coating ($3,000)
  • ALL for under $21,000

They ran our credit (we’ve worked hard to maintain excellent credit) and came back and said they would give us all that for $20,750.  We agreed, and put $4k down, and picked it up that day.  Monthly payment is $230.


Here are the mods I’ve done to the trailer so far.  You know how hi-tech I am, so expect a lot of technical upgrades to come!  Note that I include links to the products on Amazon that use my referral code.  If you want to help me out when you purchase something, I’d appreciate you using my link!

Electric Tongue Jack



I had been eyeballing this electric jack for a while now, and finally decided to pick it up.  I was going back and forth because of Harbor Freight, but after reading the reviews it seemed to be reliable and would handle the weight just fine.  I installed it last weekend, and it actually works great.  Has 2 LED lights you can turn on to hook up the trailer at night.  I’ll update this once I have some more use out of
it and see how long it lasts.

Gun Mount

I ordered these gun magnets off Amazon.  They are just rubber covered magnets, but work great and are super powerful.  I just stapled them to the underside of the cabinet above my front bed.  I thought this might be an issue having it above my head, but it actually holds the gun on their so tight, there is no way it could come off in the wind or accidentally unless you specifically pulled the gun off.  The two other magnets allow you to keep two magazines next to it.  Pretty convenient way to keep my gun ready, you never know what could happen out in the middle of nowhere!

Mobile Shop Vac


Not really a mod at all, but I was stoked to find this small shop vac on Amazon.  It’s on wheels and easy to move, includes a ton of attachments, and is wet/dry.  Perfect for the trailer!

Media Center Upgrades

This is probably the section I’ll be adding to the most.  I’ve done a few things and am working on a big project for a media center upgrade right now.

The trailer came with a decent stereo system with indoor/outdoor speakers (2x 6.5″ inside and 2 outside) with a JVC deck.  No bluetooth, but has a front Aux input which is ok.  I want to eventually replace this with a bluetooth deck with a SD card input.    It also came with a shitty “Craig” brand DVD player that only has RCA outputs.  I immediately disconnected that.


First, I added a TV.  It’s a 24″ Samsung LT24B350ND HDTV/Monitor from Costco that was $150.  Great TV and a great price.  The trailer has an HD antennae mounted on the roof, and actually picks up a ton of HD channels depending on where you are.  There is also a coax cable input on the side, I guess to use if you are at a trailer park or somewhere that provides cable.

I mounted the TV on a locking extendable mount.  Definitely get a locking mount to keep the TV stable while you are towing.  I then put some hooks on the mounting wall, and secured it further with a bungee cord and cut a pool noodle in pieces to protect the sides of the TV.  No scratches and keeps it securely in place!


Remotes are velcroed to the wall to keep them in one place while driving. – UPDATE – these did not stay in place on a long trip.  Ended up getting rid of the Adhesive Velcro.


My spare Xbox 360 was installed, complete with wifi connector and extended range antennae.  Nothing better than playing xbox live tethered to my 4G note 2 in the middle of the desert!


Added a wall holder, this will be to keep the Raspberry Pi Media center and it’s related cables in place while driving.


I got this switchable outlet extender from Amazon.  These things are surprisingly hard to find!  The reason I needed a switchable outlet is that the Raspberry Pi does not have a power switch.  I wanted to be able to kill power to these outlets when I shut down the Pi, that way it doesn’t just suddenly lose power when the generator is turned off which could corrupt the file system.

More to come on the Rpi Media Center project.  I’m still working on getting Raspbmc configured with my mini bluetooth keyboard so that I can use it in the trailer hooked up to the TV as a mobile media center (32gb micro SD filled with movies), and as a web browsing terminal running Raspbian.  This project is on hold, but I’ll come back to it at some point.

September, 2016 Updates

I have done some pretty major customization to the trailer this year, and need to add some updated information on what’s been done.  I received a comment from another Attitude owner on this page, so wanted to follow up with some of this information for him.  Here are the latest 2016 customizations, done for our long trip to Colorado in May of 2016:

  • Generator mounted to front hitch/frame:  The trailer came with a spot on the hitch that was about the size of the generator.  It was really just angle-iron brackets welded in place in a rectangle, but no holes, bolts, or anything else came in place to mount it.  I am lucky to have a good family friend, Bob Peacock, who owns Coachwerx out in Lakeside.  He does RV repair and customization, and he was a huge help in doing this customization.20160504_105146
    20160504_105132I still have the Champion 4000w generator that came with the trailer, and wanted it mounted in this spot on the hitch/frame.  He used the angle-iron brackets, and built some additional support and holes for locking pins (replaced with locks).  The generator is now securely mounted on the hitch, with the muffler/exhaust pointing out away from the trailer.  There are 4 holes drilled, with 2 pins in the back, and 2 masterlocks in the front.  This setup also allows for extremely easy changing of the oil, as there is no bottom on the mount, so I can easily get to the bottom of the generator, and it’s off the ground for easy draining.
  • Converted to 2 x 6 volt Golf Cart batteries:  Replaced the original stock 12v battery for 2 x 6 volt batteries from Costco.  These last forever (especially with my LED lights), and I’ve been extremely happy with them!  See pic above.
  • TV Mounted in the bedroom:  Bob did this work, and it turned out absolutely perfect.  I took the 24″ Samsung TV that was mounted on the cabinet in the living room area, and had it wall mounted in the bedroom with the same locking mount.  Bob also installed another outlet up in the upper right corner, and ran romex to the auxilary outlet that is accessible on the refrigerator access panel on the outside of the trailer.20160504_132822
    20160504_132841This TV has a media player built in, so I just purchased a 1tb mini external hard drive, and loaded it up with all my movies and shows from my home Plex server.  Then I just plug it directly in to the TV via USB, and we can watch anything straight off the hard drive.  It works great!
  • TV in living area replaced with a 32″ TCL 32S3800 Roku TV:  This TV is larger than the Samsung, and also way lighter.  It works better up mounted on the cabinet as it’s not as heavy.  Has a Roku built in, so anywhere with wifi I can actually stream from my home Plex server.  I have even used my phone (Galaxy Note 4) as  a wifi hotspot in the middle of the desert and streamed shows via Plex on this Roku TV.  At $150 on sale, it’s a hell of a deal for a great tv!  I need to take some pics of this new TV, will post later.
  • Shower Upgrades:  I need to take pictures of the new shower setup, will update as soon as I do.  This was probably the most functional upgrade I did this year, and it is seriously the best thing I have done.  The stock showerhead was horrible, low water pressure, and leaked like crazy.  The shower also leaked every time we used it (mostly from the curtain not sealing all around).  After one incident on our long trip where my wife was taking a shower and I was sitting at the table and watched water running under the bathroom door and all the way down to me…I vowed to fix this thing once and for all.  I did the following upgrades, all of which I highly recommend to ANYONE with an RV!
    • OxyGenics BodySpa ETL 26781 shower head:  This is the best shower head for an RV.  I read tons of reviews on Amazon and lots of RV forums, and everyone agreed.  It uses WAY less water, and literally doubles the water pressure.  I don’t know how it can really do that, but no joke it really does.  It’s better than my shower head at home.  has an inline shutoff too, but it will still leak water out even when shut off (with the water running) – this is by design.
    • Stromberg Carlson EXT-3542 Extend-A-Shower:  This shower rod is amazing.  It folds in and out via 2 joints, one on each side.  So you can fold it in toward the shower when not in use to save space, and then you fold it out when you are taking a shower and have almost another foot of space in the shower!  Great design for a big guy like me!
    • Shower Caddy: I got this mesh shower caddy because the mesh dries quick and also folds up with the curtain.  We can keep everything in there that we need on a trip, and it works great.
    • Splash Guards for Shower Curtain:  These splash guards are plastic reinforcements for the edges of the shower curtain.  They give it a curve in toward the shower, so it helps the curtain keep water from splashing out.  These, in combination with the splash guards below, really solved all of our water leaking issues!
    • Tub Splash Guards:  I got 2 of these tub splash guards in white, and then used sealant all the way around them to keep them mounted waterproof and in place.  They work great, as the corners are where most of the water was getting out.  I also re-sealed the entire tub and shower when I installed these.  I noticed some of the sealant had split, and water was getting in between the seam between the tub and the shower wall.  I resealed everything with high quality waterproof silicone sealants (DAP 00688 and Sashco 13013).  I now keep tubes of this in the trailer for quick repairs.

Updates will continue to be added as I modify the trailer!

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