Grandpa Forrester was Special Forces in WWII – an Alamo Scout

On May 30, 2004, my grandfather, Charles Forrester wrote this about his time in the Army in WWII.  It is the last record I can find of his service, after contacting the government military records management office, it… Read More

Grists Have Fought in Every Major War…

If you have talked to me for more than 5 minutes, there is no doubt you have heard the stories of how Grist’s have fought in every major war and have single-handedly won a few.  While some of… Read More

The Philadelphia Experiment

I’m up in the 909 visiting my parents, and happened to go to my dad’s barber with him this morning, who happened to be the guy who cut my hair when I was growing up.  He’s big into… Read More

“Shotgun” Al Dominguez

This is an awesome picture sent to me from one of my best friends.  Its Baingo’s Grandfather, “Shotgun” Al Dominguez.  How Baingo and I got on the topic of Shotgun Al is beyond me, but it somehow came… Read More