TandT Update

I finally got around to doing a site redesign, and made some major changes.  I’m pretty pleased with the new layout, and I ditched a lot of stuff that just wasn’t working.  I got rid of the google… Read More

The Move got Moved – Had Time for the New Design!

Quick update because I’m sick of working on this.  The move got pushed back to tues/weds so I had time in between packing my room to update T&T with a completely new design!  Its based on the Cleaker… Read More

Things to do on the T&T Front…

This probably isn’t interesting to anyone else, but I have to get myself on track and do all the things floating around in my head: 1. Redesign the layout…why? I’m just sick of it. 2. Integrate all the… Read More

Awesome! Miniaturize Anything in Photoshop!

Finally having some free time being the holidays and that im done with school, I have the freedom to mess around with all the stuff I have been meaning to do. I saw this article on digg about… Read More