A Great Summer Saturday

Today was a day you don’t exactly remember in a month or two, nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary stands out about it, but it just blends in with all the others.  It was a perfect, awesome… Read More

Finally Rescheduled My Shoulder Surgery

Finally was able to get my surgery rescheduled for Thursday, Feb 5th.  This sucks because its the day before my birthday, and my birthday is on a Friday this year which was going to lead to some awesome… Read More

Some Recent Pics

Here are some pictures from Mt. Baldy when Evan, Dani, and I attempted to go snowboarding…but didn’t get too far since the lifts were frozen, and from my car up on the lift over at SDRC getting the… Read More

Shawn Watson Gives a Shout Out to WBSD

Finally got around to editing the video footage that WBSD Intern Daniel shot of Shawn Watson doing a demo at the MBAC in mission bay.  Dan was able to get in a MBAC chase boat and follow Shawn… Read More

Fun Day at San V

We went out to San V yesterday for a morning sesh, and had a pretty good time. got the pass for the slalom course, and had some good riding up until we headed out around 12.  Ran into… Read More

WakeBoardSD.net First Official Meet Up at San V on Vimeo

WakeBoardSD.net First Official Meet Up at San V on Vimeo.

New Boat? Maybe…

Its still in the works…but our 2007 Maxum 1800 SR3 may be trading in soon in exchange for a 2008 Calabria Pro-V wakeboard boat. http://www.waterskimag.com/VTD/2007/Calabria/index.html?manufacture=1&boat=1 More to come…. Oh and I don’t feel like doing a whole write… Read More