Extra-Less Films – Saving Private Ryan?

Check out this video of the beach scene (Similar to the one from Saving Private Ryan) created by just a couple guys and a video camera.  Other than some shots of the guys running, everything else was CGI. … Read More

Evan’s VIDEoFF entry #2 : Computer Man

Ok ladies…time to bring out the big guns. Here is the bottom-line ultimate piece of internet cinematography ever created. If you don’t think this is best video you’ve ever seen, you don’t enjoy internet video, or you lost… Read More

Ian VIDEoFF #3 – The Ultimate Race

Deuce…I am back in full force. Beat this or headless Paunch will beat you:

Evan’s VIDEoFF entry #1

Ok kids…it’s time to take the gloves off. I stayed out of this fight long enough. I’ve searched the depths of the internet to find this gem. This is possibly the only video to be able to compete… Read More

A Contribution From Angela

Angela wanted to get in on the competition, here is her email to me today, and a Damn good video too, I might add: ———- Hey there boys, I poked through your videos, and at the moment, the… Read More

Just A Warmup

Deuce, this is just a taste of what I have in store for you…prepare for the big bomb to be dropped…but for now, roll a fattie and enjoy:

Ian VIDEoFF #2 – Twisted Sister – I Want To Rock

I follow my hilarious video #1 with a supreme classic ultra stadium rock number, one of the best music videos ever produced – I Want To Rock by Twisted Sister. Sure I was only 3 when people were… Read More