Outsourcing Your Life

One of the books I have been intending to read is The Four Hour Work Week. I have heard good things about it, and truthfully, I am really just interested in cutting a day out of my work… Read More

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-13

Back in ns training! San francisco is pretty cool! # rrealizing im more hungover than i thought i was..damn free happy hour at hotel # Netsuite. Our hosted database/CRM/ERP system proviider. Surprsinglt theres not hippies crawling alll over… Read More

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-12

picked up my sweet rental car in sf # At netsuite hq in sf. This is insane! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-11

can anyone give me a ride to the airport at 1:30 or so? # at the airport. Thanks Rags! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-10

in old town knocking back margaritas! # just woke up #

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-09

check out penisland.net (pen island) the best custom pens! # You bastard! Wish I was in vegas # crunk in ob # Where at? # @nick mofo I’m crunk in ob! # at a mansion party on sunset… Read More

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-08

drinking beer…whos with me? # Watching the sunset over the bay with a beer in hand # Yeah I see your messages # Rags what happened last night # god damn fridays go by so slow # @evan:… Read More