Words of Advice From A Wise Man

Was talking with a great friend of mine today, who commented: i liked you thing on the blog saying someone else will come along when you least expect it. totally true He also having suffered a recently deteriorated… Read More

Brianna Quit Drinking? WTF

So coming off quite the hungover weekend, I was inspired by Brianna’s post @ The Stolen Three this morning. She quit drinking. For how long? Who knows, but for some oddly sobering reason, this sentence makes sense: There… Read More

Another Halloween Past

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween! How did I celebrate, you might ask? I worked until 6 and then came home and laid on the couch. Helped Tiny Tousley carve a pumpkin that turned out… Read More

Still in SF…Quick Update!

Hey all, sorry about the extremely infrequent posting this week…if it wasn’t for my twitter updates you would have no idea about all the exciting things I’m up to in SF this week (if anyone is reading them… Read More

From NSL – Educate Thyself, Skip School!

From my good friend, Nick Urbani posted on his Never Stop Learning Blog.  Nick just graduated with me on Saturday from SDSU, and he is working over at eBoost doing some cutting edge work in the digital marketing… Read More