FLASHBACK: The Pontiac Pub Gets CAPPed (OR: How Skunky McPontiac Came to Be)

This is a story about a fucking asshole named Chris Payne.  This dick lived next door to us on Pontiac street when Evan and I first transferred over to SDSU in 2004.  Chris started out as a seemingly… Read More Photo Shoot

FLASHBACK: The 2007 SDSU Mini Dorm Controversy

Wow, after digging through some OLD drafts that I wrote during college and never posted, I came across this.  This brought back A LOT of memories about living in the good old college area.  We were always having… Read More

My Short Lived Social Network

No one will believe me, but I was way ahead of facebook with the niche, school-specific social networks.  I created running on phpNUKE (mysql/php)  in 2005 and it could have been it!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the… Read More

The Beast Tutor

My buddy from AKPsi and from college posted this pic on Facebook the other day.  Although it probably won’t seem funny to anyone now, in our classroom for a Database class we took, someone kept writing their phone… Read More

SDSU Aztec Football About to get Cut?

Received this email from President Weber at SDSU.  Apparently a response from a sports editorial in the Union Tribune: Alumni and Friends of San Diego State: On Sunday, December 28, the Union-Tribune published an extended commentary by its sports… Read More

SDSU Drug Bust!

Man, where was all the fun stuff like this when I was in college?  We never had awesome, campus wide drug busts where frat tools were getting rounded up in handcuffs!  Turned out to be a pretty huge… Read More