Fuck You, Build Around It

They are building a new multi-million dollar building here in Little Italy, and one corner of the building is oddly shaped.   This is because of the historic house there was not torn down.  I don’t know the details… Read More

Pics from Dying To Wake at U31 Last Night

We played our first show at U31 in Northpark last night, and rocked the fuck out of the place!

The W is Closing Downtown

What was once the hottest hotel downtown just can’t compete anymore with the shitty economy and the stiff competition of the new hotels like the Hard Rock and the Ivy.

Evan Got Pwned – A Jovial Tale of Pure Pwnage

All, Please read the evidence of pure pwnage below.  After discovering Evan’s ad on Craigslist for trade of a website in exchange for rebuilding the transmission on his 1964 Barracuda, I found a local San Diego transmission shop… Read More

Life in Pictures

Sometimes instead of writing a long post explaining about the shit I have been up to lately, i realized that I have a bunch of random pictures which show more about my life than the paragraph I could… Read More