Its no secret my passion and dedication to the fountain of rock that is 1980’s hair metal.  You would have to just have stumbled across Tech and Tonic to not know that I worship the ground that Motley… Read More

Dying To Wake at Pure Platinum

Pics from the show last night:

Pics from Dying To Wake at U31 Last Night

We played our first show at U31 in Northpark last night, and rocked the fuck out of the place!

Fly By Night Video – Tilt Twist Pour

 Was digging around through some old vids and came across the old Fly By Night video for Tilt Twist Pour – A Three Step Guide for Hitting Bottom.  This is one of my favorites: httpv://

A Couple of Great Reads

I’m working on a copy of Motley Crue: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band right now, and wow – this is insane. I borrowed the Slash autobiography about Guns ‘N Roses from Cam a while back,… Read More