Evan has Awesome Customer Support

Evan’s has set up his own online store where he is selling motorcycle parts through his new company.  IN the name of excellent customer service, he has also set up an online chat form where customers can contact… Read More

Evan Got Pwned – A Jovial Tale of Pure Pwnage

All, Please read the evidence of pure pwnage below.  After discovering Evan’s ad on Craigslist for trade of a website in exchange for rebuilding the transmission on his 1964 Barracuda, I found a local San Diego transmission shop… Read More

Rickrolling is Now Mainstream!

Hilarious article from Fox News about how popular rickrolling is getting.? hmmm…maybe time for a trip to www.everylogin.com? FOXNews.com – The Biggest Little Internet Hoax on Wheels Hits Mainstream – Science News | Science & Technology | Technology… Read More