Hawaii and Hummingbirds

I happened to look at Picasa today and noticed something awesome.  I have no idea where these came from, but suddenly there are animated gifs made from a bunch of my pictures that I had uploaded to Picasa. … Read More


some pictures I took years ago.  I’m not a photographer, but I gave it my best shot…  

Pictures From My Past

Was digging through a ton of pics from growing up and early years of college that I had scanned  a few years back.  Check out a few of the good ones…some of you may remember these!

The Closest Pics From The Shuttle Launch You Will Ever See

My dad just sent me these pics, that his friend’s son (A pilot for American) took from 37,000 feet  – one of the closest planes to the launch at Cape Canaveral!  You won’t see these pics any where… Read More

Life in Pictures

Sometimes instead of writing a long post explaining about the shit I have been up to lately, i realized that I have a bunch of random pictures which show more about my life than the paragraph I could… Read More

Some Recent Pics

Here are some pictures from Mt. Baldy when Evan, Dani, and I attempted to go snowboarding…but didn’t get too far since the lifts were frozen, and from my car up on the lift over at SDRC getting the… Read More