Dying to Wake at JT’s with the Boneyard

A couple of shots from another great show at JT’s!  This time we were jamming with the Boneheads, and it was a blast.  Can’t go wrong with a “DYING TO BONE” show!

Heil Hipster!

Update from Cam: Evan sent me this ridiculous video of some shitty ass hipsters who formed a shitty rap group called “The Legit”.  These douchebags are so horrible I don’t really need to describe why I hate them. … Read More

A Weekend full of Gristory

This last weekend was totally great!  It started on Thursday night with the arrival of all of Evan and I’s cousins from the Midwest.  Kyle and Kelsey flew in from Austin and Kansas City, and Mary from Colorado,… Read More

Better Off Alone

I came across the directory I had stored all of the pictures of what was one of the best times of my life.  Better Off Alone was one of the best bands I’ve ever been in – definitely… Read More


I recently got hooked on Lucero, a rad band from Memphis.  Evan apparently checked them out when he was on business is Indy, and these guys seriously rock.  Since I’ve started listening to them, I’ve  been so stoked… Read More

Nightmare on Wild Street

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these situations.  Yesterday certainly wasn’t the first time that I’ve found myself sitting there thinking “What the fuck just happened?“.  I’m definitely a man of extra-ordinary experiences, and have a… Read More

A Few Pics From The Studio

Was at practice last night, and I took a few shots of our studio: This is my setup: Hartke Transporter 1×15″ Hartke Transporter 4×10″ Hartke HA-3000 amp Korg DTA-1000 rack tuner Fuhrman power conditioner SKB Rolling Rack Case… Read More