Trashed KLR

Changing Perspective Thanks to the Filthy Nomad

Meeting a new friend gave me the motivation to be a little more positive these days. I hope it lasts!

1987 Harley Davidson Sportster 1100

A long time ago, my brother and I used to make some decent money buying and selling motorcycles off Craigslist.  In college we had a habit of checking the motorcycle section daily, and we would always find great… Read More


I can’t imagine why this didn’t sell better.

Dezert Fun

Last weekend Evan, Moto, Me, and the girls headed out to the desert for the first annual WBSD desert trip. Mike, Metis, the DBG Crew, Kelli, and a bunch of other people were out there. It was a… Read More

Glove Incident Follow Up

Yesterday morning I logged into gmail to find a new email waiting for me from the “Glove Guy”.  The email was titled “Whats Up Dip Shit“.  It read as follows: so you ready to split your gear up… Read More

Gloves For Sale

Since I sold my FZR a couple days ago, I’m also getting rid of my riding gear.  I put my helmet, jacket, and gloves up for sale on Craigslist for $400 for the set.  Its a good deal,… Read More

Sold My FZR, Looking for a Vette

Just sold my 1995 FZR 600 to a really cool guy in the Navy today, and I’m on the lookout for a new project.  Since I still have my truck, and the F150 for towing, I’m on the… Read More