Tropic Thunder is Badass AND a Poncho Update

First of all, can I say, that Tropic Thunder is THE BEST movie I have EVER seen.  EVER.  Period.  It is so badass that words can not explain how much I enjoyed that film.  Every single second fo… Read More

Friday and Handlebars

My buddy Matt at work is obsessed with this song. It’s good, its growing on me, although I’m not sure why. By some Denver hip hop group called “Flobots”. God damn it, now its stuck in my head…. Read More

A Perfect V-day

First off – Valentines day was perfect.  Like out of a movie perfect.  Like textbook perfect.  I’m proud of myself for pulling it off.  And I wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.  Here is what went down:… Read More

I’m 25 – Now (So) What?

Yesterday, Feb. 6th, I turned 25.  I am now officially a quarter of a century older.  What did this change?  Well, I can now rent a car…my insurance rates should go down…I guess that’s about it.  You kind… Read More

Almost-Christmas Update

Hey everyone, if there is anyone still left reading this since I have pretty much completely abandoned Tech & Tonic lately.  Man, real blogging takes dedication and time, both which, I just do not have.  Regardless, this update… Read More

The Speed Boat Fiasco – AKA If Its Too Good To Be True…IT IS!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days, things took a turn for the worse after the purchase of our 1976 18′ 135hp speedboat on Saturday. Good news first – we picked this thing up for dirt cheap… Read More

Crazy Scientologists, Cool Links, Perspective, and Graduation

Lot of stuff going on today, this will be a short post with some good content…will write more in depth later.  So here is the lineup: Awesome vid of a BBC reporter flipping out on a wacko scientologist…. Read More