CLEGS Shall Rise Again & Machine Gun Legs!

[15:15] BetterOffAloneSB: Deuce [15:15] The Gun Show: buns [15:15] BetterOffAloneSB: I need your help [15:15] The Gun Show:  go on… [15:16] BetterOffAloneSB: I’ve been thinking about having one of my legs replaced with a machine gun – similar… Read More

The HALO3 Guilt Trip

As you all know, HALO3 came out today.  And, as you all know, I did not pre order, however, Casey did.  As usual, Casey rubbed this fact in my face, letting me know that his plans for the… Read More

Rob Schneider Is….

This one goes out to Casey.  Nothing better than stumbling completely hammered down the street in PB drunkenly discussing our favorite South Park episodes: [13:54] The Gun Show: Rob Schneider is about to find out that being a… Read More

SB Story Time #1 – Nandos Interview

Casey and I were discussing the good times we used to have whilst living together up in Santa barbara. We came to the conclusion that we have so many hilarious stories that is would be criminal to keep… Read More

Winter Formals, etc…

So most of my scholastic career I have avoided school dances like the plague. I only got sucked into 2 total, one of which wasn’t even my own, I went cause a good friend of mine wanted me… Read More

The First Ever Ian vs Casey VIDEoFF!

Talking to Deuce today about how my post of the Postal Trailer is the funniest video ever to hit the interweb started a new discussion…one of Epic Proportions.  It started a challenge now known as the First Annual… Read More

It’s Finally Here…

I apologize for the terrible delay in posting the second half of “Santa Barbara’s Finest.” But…here it is… Santa Barbara’s Finest… Part II Casey hadn’t noticed the red-headed step child of an officer had broken off from the… Read More