Another Craigslist Wacko

It’s always interesting to see what oddball douchebags come out of the woodwork when posting shit on CL.  As usual I have a ton of stuff posted for sale on the site, but for some weird reason I… Read More

This is what you get for helping someone out

I had the stock exhaust pipe from my ’96 GSXR laying around in the garage.  I got rid of the bike in December, but the new owner didn’t want the stock pipe (it had a full D&D pipe… Read More

WTF Bronco Ad on CL

Has this dude ever heard of PUNCTUATION?  This ad is straight up retarded!


Found this ad on Craigslist…there really are some serious entrepreneurs out there… Link:

Evan Got Pwned – A Jovial Tale of Pure Pwnage

All, Please read the evidence of pure pwnage below.  After discovering Evan’s ad on Craigslist for trade of a website in exchange for rebuilding the transmission on his 1964 Barracuda, I found a local San Diego transmission shop… Read More

Some Awesome News Stories A 7-year-old boy broke into a popular Outback zoo, fed a string of animals to the resident crocodile and bashed several lizards to death with a rock, the zoo’s director said Friday. The 30-minute rampage, caught on… Read More