How Business Works

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A GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING FOR CEOs By HERBERT MEYER This is a paper presented several weeks ago by Herb Meyer at a Davos, Switzerland meeting which was attended by most of the CEOs from all the major international… Read More

Boat Loans and Customer Service

So I received a call today from  a representative at my credit union, and I’m pretty excited to find out they can offer me a much lower interest rate than I am paying now.  However, they can offer… Read More

From NSL – Educate Thyself, Skip School!

From my good friend, Nick Urbani posted on his Never Stop Learning Blog.  Nick just graduated with me on Saturday from SDSU, and he is working over at eBoost doing some cutting edge work in the digital marketing… Read More

Masters of Logistics!

I have been studying these pictures trying to find some inspiration for my upcoming move this afternoon. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I can do it without a 27′ Uhaul truck. I’m inspired nonetheless. These crazy bastards pack… Read More

Things to do on the T&T Front…

This probably isn’t interesting to anyone else, but I have to get myself on track and do all the things floating around in my head: 1. Redesign the layout…why? I’m just sick of it. 2. Integrate all the… Read More

How my twin brother ripped me off. again.

No one probably knows about Evan’s website, Its a fairly small site, with maybe 100 members that post on there because they are interested in building a chevy S10 for off roading. Its basic, but at least… Read More