White Wallz

With my ’56 hopefully out of the paint shop next week, I have been searching for some 3″ wide white walls to add to the Chief.  Its going to have a matte hot-rod black base paint job with red scallops down the sides.  I decided to keep all the chrome trim on, which is not typical for hot/rat rod type cars, but I love all the chrome on there and can’t imagine her without it.  I think its going to turn out great!

Anyway, its got some radial 225/75 R15’s on there right now with the small 1/2″ white stripe.  I want this thing to look like a classic cruiser, so I have been checking around for some bigger whites, and I wanted bias ply tires so it looks original.  I found a couple sets on Craigslist, one guy up in the Bay Area, and another up in Oregon.  The guy in Norcal had a brand new, never mounted set of 3″ white walls, BFGoodrich Silvertown 820-15’s.  He offered to sell them to me for $465 shipped.  I almost went on that deal, but decided to check on the set in Oregon first.  They are re-treaded Firestone Bias Ply 820-15’s.  Never been mounted since they were retreaded.  This guy offered to ship them to me for $225 out the door.  I ended up going with this deal, they looked decent in the pics, and I don’t drive the car all that often, so I don’t care if they are slightly used.  Apparently it is quite common to re-tread bias ply tires, but you can’t do it on radials.



I know they will fit my stock 15″ wheels that are still on the car, but I posted up on the HAMB


and have had some responses that people think they may be a little big, and will rub when turning.  Apparently the car originally had 710-15’s, so these 820’s are about 2″ taller than the stock ones.  Since the car isn’t lowered (yet), I’m pretty sure they will fit in there, the wheel wells are huge.  I just hope there isn’t any problems with rubbing.  We’ll see, and regardless, for the price I got these bad boys, I’m sure I could throw them back up on CL and sell them if they won’t fit.  A new set of these tires run $930, so this is a hell of a deal.

More pictures and updates when I have em!

This is What Evan Gets Paid to Do

I received these pics in my email today.  Evan, in his copious amount of free time at work today, turned his USB flash drive into an Evo Lancer.  Wow.







Shoe Thrower Gets His Ass Beat

The idiot Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at G-Dub has apparently had the shit beaten out of him while in custody.


According to The Guardian

“The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at US president George Bush during a press conference has been beaten in custody, his brother has claimed.

Al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at Bush as an insult, his family claims, as he blamed the US president for the thousands of Iraqi deaths since the invasion of his homeland in 2003.

He has been hailed as hero by some and rallies across the Arab world have called for the al-Baghdadia TV journalist to be released.

This is not the first time the young reporter has been the subject of news reports.

In November last year, the Shia journalist was kidnapped as he walked to work and held for more than 48 hours. On release he said his captors, who were suspected of being al-Qaida members, had questioned him about his work and beaten him.

In January he was detained by American troops searching his building but released after a day with an apology.”

This guy should be beaten, and why should we apologize for searching his building and detaining him, who knows what was found during that search.  God knows if it were an American over there who had thrown a shoe at one of their political dignitaries he would be killed, hung, or had his hands cut off.

This is extremely disrespectful to our country, regardless of who the President is, and shouldn’t be tolerated.

On a lighter note – good to see that G-W still has the reflexes of a man half his age.  With moves like that, he could probably handle 4 more years in the White House?  No? 🙂