Leo Laporte The Tech Guy 1449 – Fisto Gristo Calls Leo!

Dad gets on the air with Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, on his recent show last weekend to ask about swapping in an SSD drive into his new rig.

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ASUS ROG Fan Grill – Monoprice Ultimate (Wanhao D6) – Timelapse and Printing Tips

Here is a timelapse print recorded by OctoPrint running on a Raspi connected to my Monoprice Ultimate 3D printer (basically a Wanhao Duplicator 6).  I’m printing the additional components for the ASUS ROG HERO MAXIMUS IX & X motherboard’s for myself and a friend.  After recently updating the printer with the latest 3.2.1 firmware mod,  soldering the X/Y switch relay bypass wire, and adding custom start/stop GCODE, this thing is really dialed in and printing perfectly.  Read more to see details on the new Gcode!

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DaxxRuckus’s Top Moments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


Ridiculous Double Car Kills!

My First Chicken Dinner with the squad!

ASUS Sonic Radar 3 Audio Boost Test
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