Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 5/9/17

We walk out of the fishery and notice something is on fire. It’s around midnight. We have been at the fishery since sundown. We see a thing in the street in front of us, shambling at 20ft per round.
Mike, who is running Enab, says “I am not going to be one running Aryeh’s fucking character while he is in what the fuck, Slovakia, and get him fucking killed”. Spax deferred running Enab to Ian who is taking notes so it was deferred to Mike.
It comes toward Enab saying “Enab, Enab, it was you!” Lando gets the sense the creature is happy, but smells revolting. He realizes the creature is grateful to Enab, doesn’t mean him any harm. BJS backs away from the creature and protects the children. We realize it’s a creature from the sewers and knows Enab.

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Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 5/2/17

Slade and Saul start by the door on the bottom floor by the water. Saul whips the doorknob and bends/weakens it. He then kicks it and snaps the door knob off.
Out on the walkway, Enab runs into Hookshanks and asks him where is Gaedren Lamm. Hook says downstairs. Hook gives Enab a small Iron key. He says there are no magic or traps within.

Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Monday 4/18/17

Plans to infiltrate are discussed. Lando will send in the honey badger and run in asking if anyone has seen it. Then send in Slade and Enab in saying that Slade is sick from Wharf Tendies and wants a refund. He will throw up to distract them, supported by Slade.
Saul & Celphyx will stay in reserve and cast Guidance and Inspire Performance/Message to boost them going in and stay in communication. Then they will enter once it’s clear.
After all the planning, we put the plan into action and the building is completely locked up, with no one around. The GM is a completel dick.
We walk around the building and scout it out. Slade and Enab keep up the pretense and scout around the building. We cant find a way in after scouting the building. We find a large abandoned boat up against the building. After scouting it again we decide to light it on fire in order to drive them out.

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Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Wednesday 4/12/17

We all wake up underground around 6am and find that we have all received different written note messages.
“I know what Gaedren Lamm has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come to my home at 3 Lancet St one hour before sunset. Gaedrenn must face his fate, and justice must be done.”
Saul – The Publican – Fellowship & Cameraderie
Celphyx – The Cortisan – Women and Courting?
Big Jim – The Queen Mother – Fealty & Loyalty & the weak coming together to work as one and finding strength.
Lando – The Juggler
Enab – The Bear

Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 4/4/17

We head to the main lair of the rat folk. We find one guy who seems to be at the center, the most blinged out of all individuals.
We converse with the rat king and find out that he sent out Enab in order to put this plan in motion and help him find the party to help. The King agrees to the plan. Saul asks him to keep an eye out for any pearl shaped objects.
The Rat King provides us with a spot to wait, in comfortable quarters. He provides Rat D’oiverse for us to enjoy. Many spiders move through the room and other creatures move by.

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Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Monday 3/27/17

Evan – Lando Pike – Summoner w/ Honeybadger named “Hun Solo”
Murdoch – Big Jim Slade – Monk
Aryeh – Enab – Fighter
Ian – Saul Goodman – Rastafarian Cleric
Spax – Celphyx – Punk Rock Bard

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Retro PC Gaming – Warcraft II: More War – the Return of the Horde – X:treme Entertainment International (1996)

There is not a lot of information that I can find about this map pack for Warcraft 2.  I see some references to it on the normal retro games websites, but nothing with any more detail than any other.  Probably the most helpful description is from Adventure Legends:

This unofficial expansion pack contains 100 new scenarios for Warcraft II. Incredible new challenging levels for one of the best selling strategy games. The humans and orcs return once again to battle each other in all new scenarios designed by one of the leading level editors – Cobra. Be prepared of the ultimate battle as you match your skills with other players or alone in fierce sea battles, icy tundras, desolate deserts and challenging dragon slaying conquests. Gamers of all ages will be captivated with over 400 hours of gameplay. Includes modem and network multi-player levels, official cheats, and helpful hints. More war will satisfy the appetite of even the most die hard Warcraft II fans.

Not much about Xtreme Entertainment Intl either.  But I do remember playing the add on maps from this cd over LAN deathmatches with my brother.  After beating Warcraft 2, it was awesome to get new battlegrounds to fight it out on!

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