Who doesn’t love flying?!  Evan and I got into flying RC planes through our Uncle Terry in Kansas, a pilot and RC nut.  He helped us get involved about 2 years ago by guiding us toward what planes and hardware to start with.  His help got us started in the RC world, a hobby that we hadn’t touched since we were about 10 years old and our parents got us both a Team Associated RC-10T stadium truck for Christmas.  We built those things over the holidays, and spent the next few years jumping them over everything we could find.

Team Associated RC-10T

Team Associated RC-10T

Anyway, that brings me back to our current hobby of flying planes.  So far I’ve just owned electric, mostly warbirds and park flyers, but starting to move into bigger stuff.  There isn’t anywhere good in San Diego to fly gas planes, but I hope to get into those some day as well.  For now, I’ll stick to getting out for a few loops around the park for now.

Check out each sub page to see the different planes that I have built and modified.

HobbyKing B-17G Flying Fortress – PNF – 909
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