DJ – Scum & Villainy



One of the new hobbies I picked up this year was learning to DJ.  Being influenced by my good buddy, Murdoch the Froggacuda, I purchased a NuMark Mixtrack Pro 3, some cheap monitors, got a copy of Traktor, and haven’t looked back since.  It’s a LOT of fun as a musician to learn to beatmatch and mash up these totally random different styles of music.  I’ve discovered all sorts of new stuff I didn’t even know existed, and have been having a lot of fun with Electro-Swing!  Here are some of my recorded practice sets for you to suffer through…I mean, enjoy.

Running out of room on Soundcloud, so going to have to host new stuff here.  You can either stream or download:
Download Here:!AmrYuRwUm_GPpQ5KK94-EfQF_tMb
Download Here:!AmrYuRwUm_GPpQ02ZNuJO5wp2p0I
Download Here:!AmrYuRwUm_GPpQ8Y_GnusZfX-ZLy

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