I finally got around to uploading all the old recordings from every single one of the bands Evan and I have been in over the years.  We recorded with almost every single band, mostly professional studio quality recordings using pro tools.  Now that I have them on SoundCloud, you can enjoy them too!

Dying to Wake

Our most recent band.  We started jamming together back in 2009 and played as a 4 piece and then 5 piece for almost 5 years.  Evan and I finally left the band in 2014, but not after we had recorded two albums, headlined some big shows and played with some BIG bands at the House of Blues, Ramona Mainstage, 4th & B, Brick by Brick, and just about every shady dive bar between Bay Park and East County.  It was a cool mix of Pop/Punk/Rock with some wicked guitar work:

Better Off Alone

These songs take me back to my college days in Santa Barbara.  Playing in this band really defined my college experience, and I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  Since jamming with these guys and playing all over Santa Barbara and Isla Vista from 2001-2003, we still keep in touch.  Some of the guys just attended my wedding as a matter of fact!  This band was lots of fun, but also really focused on partying.  We even got to go on warped tour as some of us in the band worked for the Ataris and ran the shop Down on Haley in SB.  It was one of the most fun jobs I ever had!:

The Kung Fools

TKF was a lot of fun.  Riding high on the 3rd wave of ska bands we idolized that popped up all over Orange County back in the last 90’s, we started TKF with some friends from band.  We were all REALLY into ska/core, pop punk and ska punk.  This band was a lot of fun for high school kids, we played at parties, battle of the bands, and just about any place that would allow us to set up.  I have awesome memories of screwing around with the guys on hot summer nights as we practiced and skanked in the basement room that our church let us use.:

Maximum Occupancy 57 (MO57)

This is what started it all.  This experience took me from playing saxophone to starting to play the bass, all thanks to Eric Mulligan who was my ska mentor and bass player role model.  We were all in junior high school, and met in church.  The brothers Eric and Jason Mulligan really introduced Evan and I to the skantiful world of ska, and we had a blast with it all through high school.  It was the perfect time to get into it, as the 3rd wave was just starting to blow up in Orange County, CA, with awesome bands like the OC Supertones, RX Bandits, and Reel Big Fish.  We were also REALLY into church at the time, so this was a Christian ska band.  As budding musicians at the time, we really just repurposed sunday worship songs with ska upbeats…but we did a few cool originals and a rad cover of UNITY by Op Ivy.  You can even hear my 13 yr old voice cracking in the choruses…:




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