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My Raspberry Pi

From 2013:

I’m sure over the years I’ve posted many times about my multitude of failed attempts at programming, Linux, and electronics projects.  Countless times I decided – this is the day I’m going to learn to program and stick with it, only to give up a week later after getting so fucking frustrated that I can’t take it anymore.  Probably the hardest thing about programming, is to really have the proper motivation to learn, you need to have a project in mind that you are learning to program to complete your project.  This  could be anything from “Hello World”, to some sort of WordPress plugin.  The problem I always run in to that kills my motivation is that someone has already done just about everything I set out to do!  Every time I come up with some sort of project that I want to become proficient enough to write a program to solve, I end up finding an existing program/app/web site where someone has already done it.  I then think “why reinvent the wheel?” and give up.

Well, now I’m on my 4,593rd attempt at learning programming and electronic circuit design, and this time I’m doing it all with a Raspberry Pi.  I figured this is a cool opportunity to learn more Linux command line and more about electronics and circuit design.  For a relatively small price, the RPi packs all those topics into one cool, small package, with tons of online resources to help you get started.  In the first day alone (with help of tutorials), I’ve already written a program in Python that controls two LED’s hooked up to the bread board and lights up a green light if I have new unread mail in my Gmail account, and lights up a red light if I have no new mail waiting.  Pretty cool!

So, I wanted to create this page to add links, videos, code, and things that I’ve learned as I dick around with this thing.  Being a noob programmer, there are a few things I came across today that I just didn’t understand, and I hope that other new RPi/Python students will find this page and get the help they need and learn from my mistakes.  I’ll update here with new links, tips, info, and tricks as I come across it.  Thanks!

Current Status 10/2017:

I am currently running 2 Pi’s in the house.  The original Model B runs OctoPrint and is hooked up to my 3D printer.  The other is a brand new Raspi Model 3 B running RetroPie and all my Emulators and ROMS.  It’s the core of a project to build a small wood tabletop arcade unit for my soon to be born son!  I want his earliest memories to be of playing the classics just like I did, and then move on to Call of Duty and all the other cool stuff we have today!

Check out the 3D Printing page for more info or the link below to see about setting up Octoprint on a Pi, and the other link below about setting up RetroPie.   I have also provided a link for the LoveRpi bundle on Amazon I used for the emulator station!



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