Hobbies & Projects

This section will have information about the many things I dedicate my time to.  Mainly interesting projects, so if you have any questions about anything listed here, please just ask or leave a comment on the specific page!

I plan on spending some time detailing the 5 year (so far) restoration of my 1956 Pontiac Star Chief that has been slowly progressing over the years.  I’ve got a ton of Pontiac-specific knowledge that could be really helpful for someone attempting to restore another one of these boats.  Then some details on my various computers and their modifications, as well as a breakdown of my motorcycles and other various motor-driven toy’s I’ve accumulated over the years.  I hope this information proves helpful to someone at some point.

I also am building a new plane.  The 909 B-17G Flying Fortress PNF RC plane from Hobby King.  I’ve found that not many people seem to have this plane, and there are a ton of questions on the HK site about the plane.  Since no one seems to have much information about it on RC Groups or anywhere else, I’m doing to detail it here on my site in hopes that people will be able to get their questions answered about this badass plane!  See the RC Planes page for more info!

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