Our weekly gaming group has been going almost 2 years strong now, with 2 Pathfinder campaigns in progress.  One campaign is more canon, set in Golarion and follows the adventures of the renowned Calamitous Intent Adventuring Company, run by the extremely talented (and virtual tome of Pathfinder knowledge) sir Chad “Robot Chad” Montgomery.  The other campaign is completely custom existing in the unique world of “Orkland” from the twisted mind of our gracious host of the “Rape Cave”, Michael “Froggacuda” Murdoch.

The game notes from our campaigns are being posted in a new series of blog posts which are all combined on this page.  At times they may be offensive or not make any sense, but there is some great stuff!  Click the links below to be taken to the relevant game page:

Curse of the Crimson Throne – Game Notes


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