TYCO Battletech Toys Collection

One of my favorite memories of Battletech from 80’s and 90’s was the animated series.  Much like REBOOT , the series featured early 3D animation in a cartoon.  The 3D sections during combat were absolutely amazing to us in 1994, it blew our minds.  See a poorly ripped example here, starting a 8:53 (although I’m not sure which pixel is the 3D mech…):

Anyway, before this awesome show disappeared after the first season to the likes of EXO SQUAD and others, TYCO made an awesome line of toy mechs.  These were straight out of the show, mostly canon, and had some pretty cool features.  My twin brother and I had quite a few of these, although not the entire set.  We definitely had the Mauler and the Axman, and we played the shit out of those things throughout the 90’s until we lost all the rockets and other little accessories.

I have always wanted to collect the entire set of these awesome toys, as they bring back such awesome Saturday morning memories eating Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and watching rad cartoons with my brother.  So when I lucked out on finding almost all of the big ones brand new old stock from a seller on Amazon (some of them Prime even!) I couldn’t help it and bought almost all of them.  They ranged from $15 (Sloth) – $60 (Mauler), most being around $30.  Upon arrival, they were indeed brand new in the boxes, never opened.  I was then hit with the collectors dilemma – do I open them and ruin their resale value?  Or do I leave them untouched in the box to collect dust and increase in value?

As you can see, I opened the shit out of the boxes.  I did it carefully with a hairdryer to soften the glue and opened the bottoms without damaging anything.  I then took pictures of the unboxing of all them, in order to make this page for fellow Battletech fans.  And I then put them all together and have been playing with them ever since!  I kept everything from the boxes, so I can return them to as close to new condition as possible if I ever want to get rid of them.  But I have a feeling I’ll be keeping them for my kids to enjoy one day!

So please, enjoy the detailed pictures, scans of the instruction manuals for each one, and please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!  Here’s a few pictures of the entire group so far, with detailed pictures of each one beneath:









Instruction Manual Scans

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