Battletech Video Games

In addition to playing Battletech tabletop back in the 80’s when my cousin from Oklahoma started sending us original FASA plastic mini’s and the game rules, we were totally obsessed with the original Mechwarrior and Battletech PC games (Crescent Hawks Inception/Revenge!).  These were the absolute shit for a early 90’s PC…  Mechwarrior 1 was an awesome introduction to building, customizing and repairing a mech, and controlling it on missions from a first person perspective.  Trying to earn enough cbills to get the next best mech – we had a LOT of late nights playing MW1.  Then when MW2 came out – it was one of the first 3D accelerated games I ever remember seeing.  I still can picture the Christmas of 1995 where we got MW2 as a gift from our parents.  Our computer at the time wouldn’t run it – no video card.  So we took it over to our best friend Nick’s house – he had conveniently just got a new PC for Christmas – and we all proceeded to play the shit out of it.


I still have this poster hanging on the wall in my home office, which I’m told is the poster from the original SNES version of MW1.  I think my cousin Steve must have sent it, because I never had any console systems growing up, just PC’s.


We had just about every classic game on PC growing up, and I was recently surprised by my Dad bringing down the storage box that he had put all of our games in.  He kept just about everything.  I had a major trip going through everything and reminiscing about all these awesome games that we played.  Here are some of the highlights from the box:


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