DaxxRuckus’s Top Moments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

THE ‘OL RAZZLE DAZZLE!  BEST KILLS EVER! Ridiculous Double Car Kills! My First Chicken Dinner with the squad! ASUS Sonic Radar 3 Audio Boost Test

2016 Pirate Cove River Trip

Dying to Wake with FASTBALL on May 26 @ 4th & B!

Dying to Wake with FASTBALL on May 26 @ 4th & B!

We’re playing with the band FASTBALL – you know the one-hit-wonder who pumped out “The Way” back in the 90’s?

Formula 1 Ripper

Formula 1 Drivers, MotoGP Tires, and Life in the Matrix

The amount of science and engineering that goes into this stuff is simply amazing! I sometimes get overwhelmed just trying to comprehend things like this. I’m just not the type of person with a brain that is cut out to understand these sorts of things.

Coors Light Cake

Sidetracked by The Amazing Coors Light Beer Cake

I stumble across an amazing cake made to look like an ice chest full of ice cold CL cans and end up so enamored with this thing I can’t even finish the post I initially set out to write tonight. Oh well, this cake is AMAZING!

Gunner Amusing Himself

You can buy the dog all sorts of expensive toys to keep him entertained…but the only toy he really needs is free and came with him. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvJZa5GNr9Y Might as well add his other trick on here too 🙂… Read More

Awesome 80’s TV Shows

TV awesomeness of the 80’s knew no bounds.  Nothing like the mindless drivel we are forced to watch today (not counting the awesome hour long series that HBO/Showtime/AMC are cranking out), these shows had serious substance.  They were… Read More