Uncle Joe’s Ford Song (1959)

This recording comes from a family get together when my dad was a kid.  His Uncle Joe and Aunt Blanche were always making music, with him singing and her playing the piano.  When my grandfather Warren Grist passed… Read More

Some Awesome B-17 Artwork

If you followed my office redesign last year and saw the panel I made to hang on the wall of WW2 nose art: Or seen the RC B-17 build that I detailed here: https://techandtonic.com/my-hobbies/remote-control/hobbyking-b-17g-flying-fortress-pnf-909/ Then you know that… Read More

Crashing Into a Cactus at McCain Valley – Lark Canyon OHV on a Honda CRF 450X

It’s sad that I am crashing today, but just dug up this old video I put up on YouTube from 2004 on my first dirt bike, a clapped out old YZ250 2-stroke…no crashes back then!