Oriflamme Canyon Jeep Trail

on Saturday last week, we took the Jeeps out to Oriflamme Canyon and hit the trail out there. Here is a great write up on directions and planning: http://www.traildamage.com/trails/index.php?id=173 And here’s a video of some of the rock… Read More

6 Californias?

Now this is something I could get behind! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/07/15/six-californias-tim-draper/12661161/

Startup Roundup

I posted about this once before, but I got access to “Erlibird” which is a service that allows people to join Beta’s for new startups.  I haven’t used it to really join any beta’s for new sites or… Read More

Tech-Startup Entrepreneur Hipsters – The Worst Kind!

So I just received an email that I was accepted into the beta for some new tech startup website that I didn’t even remember signing up for.  Hell I’m not really sure I ever acutally signed up for,… Read More

June Gets Herself in the Weirdest Places!

Xbox 360 “Games” Tab Missing!

Today I turned on one of my Xbox 360’s for the first time in quite a while.  Since I got the Xbox One, I don’t really use the 360 much, other than in my office where I use… Read More

Am I the only one who thinks Linked In is a huge circle jerk?

I was reading this article on LinkedIn the other day.  They have a new section called LinkedIn Today where “influencers” post thought provoking articles for business professionals to discuss and debate.  Before I rant about how retarded these… Read More