Retro PC Gaming – D!ZONE 2 for DOOM and DOOM 2 by Wizard Works

To wrap up this amazingly cheap trilogy of DOOM add ons, here is one so successful that it is actually a sequel!  The original D!ZONE must have done amazingly well for Wizard Works to put together this followup… Read More

Retro PC Gaming – DOOM Companion Edition from Laser Magic (1993)

Another blast from the past is the DOOM Companion from Laser Magic.  Claiming to contain a DOOM “Companion Edition” that includes: Maps of every level! Game recordings! Level editors! Hints & cheat codes! Sound editors! Plus TONS MORE!!!… Read More

Retro PC Gaming – DOOM Add-Ons

In the world of unofficial 90’s add-on packs for games like DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem, etc, this one is kind of odd.  I can’t seem to find any details on who produced this one.  It’s definitely done without… Read More