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A little more about the idiot behind all this...

Welcome to Tech & Tonic, my views about the current state of Technology, Business, and Life in general.  Enjoy my thoughts, look around, subscribe if you are interested, and let me know what you are thinking!

A little bit about Me:

I’m a Father to an awesome son, a Husband to an awesome wife,  SDSU graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information and Decision Systems, and an MBA w/ emphasis in Information Systems from the University of Redlands. I spent two years during college working at KPBS Public Television and Radio Broadcasting as an IT Administrator. Since then my career has consisted of working for an Antivirus software firm in Little Italy, downtown San Diego, as the Business Systems Department CRM Supervisor for 3 years administrating Netsuite.  Then spent a while working as a Project Manager for a virtual worlds gaming project for the Army until the contract ran out and an opportunity came up for a PM position at a web analytics and digital marketing firm.   Then on to a financial online marketing software company running the PM shop.  I ventured into consulting with lots of travel, and now reside back in the Netsuite world as a Technical Services Manager, implementing and integrating Netsuite and just about any other system and managing an awesome team of people.

I enjoy web and graphic design, playing bass guitar, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Classic Cars, Wakeboarding, off roading, video & board gaming and just about anything related to technology!

What you'll find here...

Here are some of the things I like to document and blog about.  Feel free to search for more on them!

Cars & Motorcycles

Off Roading, Dirt Biking, Quads, Camping, Restoring Classic Cars!

Computers & Tech

Blogging, Technology, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality...


Video, Board, Mobile, Console, PC, and any other type of game I can get my hands on!


DJ Sets and grainy recordings of all my old punk and ska bands!


Pictures and Photoshop, sometimes both!


Game streaming, the infamous spanish video, and god knows what else!

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