Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Wednesday 4/12/17

We all wake up underground around 6am and find that we have all received different written note messages.
“I know what Gaedren Lamm has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come to my home at 3 Lancet St one hour before sunset. Gaedrenn must face his fate, and justice must be done.”
Saul – The Publican – Fellowship & Cameraderie
Celphyx – The Cortisan – Women and Courting?
Big Jim – The Queen Mother – Fealty & Loyalty & the weak coming together to work as one and finding strength.
Lando – The Juggler
Enab – The Bear
Big Jim remembers Lancet street is near Midland, the social nightlife area with some rough industrial.
Enab requests a visit with the Rat King. The king is busy, but Enab requests an aide to let him know we need to see him. Aide returns and says king is busy but Lord Yarmulke is available to meet us this afternoon.
We head above ground. Enab recalls a place in North Point called the 3 Rings Tavern that is low key, quiet, and cheap. We head there. We all overhear some things:
Celphyx – The Showanti are here to invade not peace talk.
Enab – Korvosan monarch and curse of throne rumors
Jim – no one has seen black Jack in years and someone might have killed him.
Lando – Curse of throne and how no monarch has died of old age
Saul – The Academae has closed its doors, and not admitting anyone. No info on why and when they will open doors.
We eat breakfast until 10am. Then do some shopping. Celphyx gets tattoo of goblin. Saul gets dred maintenance done and gets +1 to Charisma for an hour.
We head back to meet with Lord Yarmulke. Enab tells him aout the notes and Harrow Cards. He tells him we wanted him to be aware of what is going on, and that we are going to the meeting. Enab asks for help sending guards and people to watch the house.
It’s about 1230, we have eaten lunch. We plan to be at the house around 5pm for the meeting. No info arrives during the day. Enab guides us under the sewer to near the address. We arrive an hour ahead of time and check in with the rats watching the house. They report no one has entered or left. It is a residence, not a store or anything. Numerous windows at ground level, doorway. It’s a residential/business area.
Saul detects magic on front of house and detects a moderate magical aura. It seems that there is some sort of illusion magic apparent on the front of the house. (detect magic and knowledge arcana). I detect magic on the cards and get the same sense from them.
Enab goes into store Aedrids Walk about 10 min away and shops.
Saul smokes a bowl to sharpen his senses and prepares. we go into the house at 5pm, the door is unlocked. Candles are burning, incense smell fills the room. Tapestrys are on the walls of black skulled beast juggling hearts, flaming swords, etc.
In the front room is a table with a pitcher of wine and 5 glasses, 6 chairs around the table. A basket sits on the table with a note. Detect magic on the table and find the same aura around the house. Knowledge religions tells us the tapestries are related to the Harrow card deck and fortune telling.
The black skull beast tapestry = The Juggler
Angels on top of a snowy mountain = The Avalanche
Tall hooded figure with flaming sword = The Fiend
The note on the table says “Thank you for coming. I had to step out for a bit, but shall return shortly. Pleaes have a seat while you wait, the wine and the basket of bread are for you”. The note is not signed.
My intelligence tells me a fortune teller lives here. Jim takes a seat at the table, pours wine, and eats some bread. While we are all eating, in walks an attractive middle age Verisian woman. In her hand is a Harrow deck. She intros herself as Zerela the Fortune Tella.
She speaks, and Big Jim thinks its a prepared speech. She thanks us for coming. She has reason to be hidden, and a man wants to harm her. He has done something terrible to each of us. Gaedrenn Lamm is a cruel criminal above reprisal. A year ago his thieves stole her Harrow deck. It was an heriloom and her form of making money. Her son tracked it down and stole it back. But Gaedrens thugs killed her son. Her harrrow deck helped her find out where Gaedren dwells. In a fishery west of old pier 17 where he trains orphan children to be pickposckets. she needs our help to get him beacuse the royal guard will not help or punish him. She needs us to bring him to justice. Word on the street says he has wronged us too.
Enab agrees he has wronged us. Says he is surprised she was able to leave the notes for us when we were protected amongst friends.
She offers to do a Harrow for Enab. saul and Cephyx know how Harrowing works. Cards represent Past/Present/Future. Aligned cards point to something happening, misaligned show bad things.
The Desert = Difficult Passage, we all have experienced it.
The Beating = Attack from all sides and hidden strength, we all have experienced it.
The Lost = Loss of identity, we were all transformed by evil of GL.
Betrayal = Misaligned, we were broguht here by self sacrifice and prtoection from others.
Big Sky = Freedom and possible new bondage. Beware dangerous journey.
Peacock = Sudden change, sudden show that comes from nothing. Our personal circumstance will change because of this conversation.
The Tyrant = Misaligned!!!!! A dark force will soon be overthrown.
Empty Throne = her smile fades
The Avalance = she looks at us and touches tyrant card, says Avalance represents unrelenting disaster. The empty throne, the tyrant misaligned.
THE KING WILL DIE TONIGHT. CHAOS IS COMING. THE EMPTY THRONE AND AVALANCHE ARE COMING. GL WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE. Who knows how long he will stay where he is. We must act against him immediately.
She asks for our cards.
Jim – Queen MOther – someoone who protects under privelidger
Celphyx – Courtesan – political intrigue, strong woman wields great and hidden power
Saul – Publican = one who brings joy/fellowship/cameraderie and bring out best in those arounds him through whatever means are aviaable
Lando = Juggler – you will do well if you can keep all of your balls in the air, he is in danger when he over reaches and tries to take on too much. Be careful when juggling lives of others.
Enab – The Bear = brute strength. Might makes right. Woe betide those who think bear can be tamed.
Gives back all cards. we leave and head to GL place.
Enab tells the watching rats what went down and to report it to the king.
Jim leads us to the fishery in order to use the remaining light to scope things out (6:30pm)
Arrive in stinky active fishing neighborhood. We see a beggar with shaking hand. Jim gives him a silver. I give him a puff of weed and cast guidance on him. Enab asks him if he’s seen anything, he says only the usual dealings of the SCUMBAG.
We arrive at the Fishery and watch outside for 15 min. Every 2-3 min we see a child slinking along the street and walking out onto the pier and lose sight of them.
We see men going in and leaving with food. Slade follows one guy and asks him about the food. He said they are Wharf Tendies and are cheap. Slade tells us and we send Lando in to go check it out and buy one.
Lando approaches and asks how many WT he can procure for 35 GBP. He throws up. He buys 6. He tries to eat one. Notices that his puke from earlier has been collected by the children and thrown into vat of Tendie Bits.
He notices in the room a vat of stuff cooking. Hears Gnome making threatening remarks to children who are working. Some doors are leading out of the room. Lando tries to go into a door and is stopped by the Gnome and escorted out the front door. Lando senses alarm bells – warning that this is a bad place. Kids are abused, etc.
He tries to give away Tendies and even the homeless wont take them. All Tendies get thrown into the sewer. Something down there eats the Tendies.
Slades search around the warehouse finds a door around the back. It’s a 20 ft drop to the water. the pier on the back of the building extends out 20 ft into river. Slade thinks there might be a way for GL to escape out into the water that way. He returns to the party and explains.
We discuss a plan:
Using official disguise to infiltrate: food inspector or child labor? Or use Saul’s motivation to find his brother as a reason to go in asking about Orphans to find his brother. And use a disruption like sending in honey badger to disorient them, start a fire, have Enab crash in through ceiling. overwhelm them with chaos?
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