Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 5/9/17

We walk out of the fishery and notice something is on fire. It’s around midnight. We have been at the fishery since sundown. We see a thing in the street in front of us, shambling at 20ft per round.
Mike, who is running Enab, says “I am not going to be one running Aryeh’s fucking character while he is in what the fuck, Slovakia, and get him fucking killed”. Spax deferred running Enab to Ian who is taking notes so it was deferred to Mike.
It comes toward Enab saying “Enab, Enab, it was you!” Lando gets the sense the creature is happy, but smells revolting. He realizes the creature is grateful to Enab, doesn’t mean him any harm. BJS backs away from the creature and protects the children. We realize it’s a creature from the sewers and knows Enab.

The creature says “it was you Enab, you threw me those dumplings. They were delicious, I wish there were more, do you know where they came from”.
Kristina and Murdoch argue over who is running Aryeh’s character. Ian calls out Murdoch for running everyone elses character every single week without them asking, then he finally gets a chance to run someone else officially, and doesn’t want to. Murdoch is speechless and cannot respond to the logic he was just bitch slapped with.
The gutter monster says he was safe to come up since the king was killed and people are busy, and that he made a treaty with the rat king, and was safe to come up. With the chaos in the city and people running around he is safe to be up. He asks to be introduced to Enab’s friends and that we all look like upworlders and he wants to know who we are.
Enab approaches the mouth 10 ft away and looks for surrounding sewer entrances. He says there are now strange creatures down in the sewers right now. Its like whats going on up here people are in chaos. He came up here looking for dumplings (tendies).
BJH tells him that we need to get these children to the authorities as soon as possible, and need to leave him. Blaggecchhhh walks off down the street. We continue along with the children and the prisoners (who have hoods over their heads).
Saul: One of the things in gaedron’s treasure was an abalone holy shell of Shaelynn (I know that all members where these, but this one is more unique and special). In my temple in the gray district there was a cult of Shalynn who took in orphan children. We could take them there. Another option is citadel Volshank.
A guy running past stopped to say the city was in chaos, the guard was stretched thin, and they were looking to hire anyone like us to help defend the city. Another guy runs by and says the same.
Someone comes up and says the rumors the king was murdered are false and the king died of old age. And that this is a trick by the queen to undermine him.
The party argues over what to do with the kids and the prisoners. BJS tells them they are free and can go home. The kids have no clue what to do or where to go.
Saul tells the kids that they need to go to a proper shelter, talking to his brother. His brother listens and talks to the other children for him to get them all on the same page. They all agree and decide to go to the citadel. Saul agrees and sends the kids to the citadel.
Celphyx leads us to the citadel. We turn into an alley and run into a group of guys. The leader demands 5 gold pieces each. INITIATIVE
Sauls chants the magic encantation “Feel the Riddim, Feel da rhyme, Come On yall, It’s Bobsled time!” and a misty fog of weed smoke goes out 20 ft radius from Saul. Everyone is obscured.
Enab uses trident attack 10 ft reach and attacks out of the fog and CRITS. He impales the guy, picks him up and throws his body into the sewer. This all comes out of the mist, in complete obscurity. Under the musical stylings of Celphyx. The entire group turns and runs away as fast as possible. One guy slips and falls in his own shit. A cheer from the kids goes up. +1 morale bonus for everyone for one round.
We loot their corpses. They have one dagger each, no money. Celphyx takes their daggers and puts them in her boobs.
We arrive at the Citadel, and are greeted by Crescida Croft, Captain of the Guard. She is glad to see us, and recognizes the prisoners, esp Gaedron Lamm. She spits in his face and kicks his knees, and says we have been waiting a long time for this. Another guard comes in and takes prisoners away. BJS asks what is going to happen to him? Croft says “the queen has given orders for a demonstration that she can command the city. Lamm and his 2 associates will serve that purpose. A public hanging at dawn.”
Croft has a place for the children, and invites us to spend the night. We will be given dinner, breakfast, and if we will continue helping them she wants us to help the city tomorrow.
We escort the children upstairs to a room with straw on the floor, blankets, etc. The children stay there.
We spend the night.
We go through the items taken from Gaedren Lamm:
1) Three prisoners (Gædren Lamm, Yagren, and Hookshanks)
2) Twelve orphans (including Itzal Goodman)
3) A beautifully inlaid dark-wood coffer containing:
– Seven vials of a foul-smelling compound that Enab has urged be returned to the sewer people Enab takes these to later give to sewer people
– Twenty doses of shiver that BJS has urged be turned over to the authorities or destroyed We turn this over to Croft so BJS isn’t triggered by seeing these. There is a reward of the full street value ($500GP) It is distributed amongst the party $100gp each.
4) Narrow teak cigar case inlaid with jade Appraised value of the case is $20GP. We keep it in the party to sell. It is not historically significant.
5) Two-pound gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coat of arms This is a common style of ingot produced in an older part of the korvosan realm. Antique. $80-$150 GP.
6) Miniature gold crown $350GP. Royal family inscription from the area. We will keep and sell it to them. Family name is “Gelento”. It is their crest.
7) Fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes $200GP. Holy artifact of a cult down in gray district pantheon, they will pay highest price. Cult of Sarenrae.
8) Silver ring inscribed with “For Emmah– the light of my nights” $150GP. Don’t recognize inscription, but area of town near castle where they do inscriptions on jewelry, it’s probably from there.
9) Highly realistic & highly scandalous onyx figurine of two entwined succubi $450GP. Religious artifact from temple of Asmodeus.
10) Masterwork shuriken Standard weapon value of Masterwork Shuriken. $6GP
11) Adamantine arrowhead No history, standard high quality arrowhead.
12) Masterwork dagger with strange blade shaped like a key inscribed with “For an inspiration of a father” We are really freaked out by this item. $750GP value. We both remember a series of murders never solved that stopped abruptly. Called Keyhole murders since killer used dagger shaped like a key. We are certain this is a clue to those murders. Maybe the original weapon from murders. Tell Croft about this
13) Abalone-shell holy symbol of Shelyn $300GP history is membership in cult of Shelyn.
14) Vial with one dose of “oil of keen edge”
15) Obsidian “wand of magic missile” (23 charges)
16) Masterwork crystalline vial containing a dose of “silversheen”
17) Masterwork bejeweled broach with broken clasp showing house drake and imp coiled together like yin/yang. Possibly similar to one lost by Queen Illiosa. Rumor that the queen lost something like this and it looks like it. $2000GP Tell Croft about this
18) Wand of “acid splash” (27 charges)
19) Zarella’s last remains
20) Zarella’s harrow deck
The party found a complete ledger of GL’s criminal activities. Included in the decoded ledger, there are detailed records of GL’s orchestrating the murder an Academæ faculty member and framing a young student for the crime: proof of Lando’s innocence.
Tell Croft about this
Saul goes and find’s Croft and brings her in to the room to discuss these items and significance.
Show her the dagger. Her hand trembles and she is restraining herself. She says to Celphyx – do you remember what you said earlier about the Fate befitting GL and his friends. I think a fate of this kind might be better suited toward a group of adventurers like yourself and gives the dagger back to us.
I show her the broach of the queen. Her attitude changes. She looks at the broach and says this we should keep as well for the time being. There will be a time soon where we will know what to do with the broach.
Last I show her the journal from GL. She takes and leafs through it and notices the code and translation. We tell her that we translated it. She reads through it and begins to understand things that are in it. She offers a significant reward for the item. She brings out $400 GP for the party
BJS turns down his $100 GP from the shiver reward, and the other $100 from the reward from journal. He volunteers all of that toward the care and feeding of the children. He is an idiot and way too lawful.
At 6am a knock at the door occurs. BJS answers the door. A splendidly attired knight is at the door. Short, beautiful long hair. She shoves her way in the door. BJS is a pussy and crumbles. She looks around, steps back out of theroom, and says “it is safe to enter your majesty”. Queen Iliosa enters the room dressed in black. We are immediately impressed with her personal magnetism.
The queens bodyguard stays by her side. She asks “who has my broach”. I tell her I do, and hand it to her. She is happy, and says it was stolen from her some time ago. Here on my darkest day you come before me with kindness, it is an inspiration. I love Korvosa, and his death has shocked the city, and I shall not see my city torn apart, you have given me the means to demonstrate my power and the monarchy to preserve order here, and I invite you as my personal guest to this event. You shall be rewarded, and perhaps you can serve the city more. The guard is stretched thin and can use the help of yourselves. Sabina my guard will take you to the Citadel Volshnyyak and Cressida croft will see to your help. Your days of serving the crown are just beginning.” She leaes
The bodyguard steps up with a small chest. Inside the chest lined with velvet, are 12 gold ingots imprinted with royal seal of Korvosa. Each one $100 GP. $1,200 GP total.
The queen and bodyguard leave, and Croft says that in 20 minutes we are to stand in royal box with the queen for the display of power. We agree and prepare to get ready.
We tell croft that the children may be better off with the sisters of whatever in the Gray district. Some of the guards come and take the children to the execution of the prisioners, and then to the sisters temple.
We head to the high bridge square and see the hanging tower set up. They are asked for last words and they all moon the crowd. The queen gives the OK, and they are all hung. The crowd Cheers and chants for the queen, happay to see him brough to justice. We are all next to the queen on the stand, the city sees us.
Enab notices the Rat King in the back watching, and sees the rat guard dispersed around the crowd.
Croft invites us back to Citadel. Saul says we are happy to work for you, but requests a base of operations provided to us by the crown. She indicates that there is plenty of space available at the Citadel, and there is a small room where we can set up a place to stay, use as a base of operations and store things.
She says “ Heroes of your caliber are what we need. We will be well compensated for providing our services. Many guards have deserted their posts. Some to take care of family, and some using the riots for personal gain. One in specific is Verik Van Caskerkan. He has gathered a group of guards and they have all deserted. She can’t pull anyone off to deal with him and doesn’t want any other guards to kill him or get infected by him. She wants us to deal with him. Him and his followers are in an abandoned butcher shop in Northgate called “all the worlds meat”. Capture him alive and return for interrogation, but if he makes it impossible, bring his body. Find out why he has deserted. $500 gold reward if returned alive, $250 if dead”.
BJS requests a token of the Queen’s personal deputation. A star or something to show people we act with the authority of the Queen. She says the Tinsmith can have these tokens made up for us within the hour.
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