Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 5/2/17

Slade and Saul start by the door on the bottom floor by the water. Saul whips the doorknob and bends/weakens it. He then kicks it and snaps the door knob off.
Out on the walkway, Enab runs into Hookshanks and asks him where is Gaedren Lamm. Hook says downstairs. Hook gives Enab a small Iron key. He says there are no magic or traps within.
Saul and Big Jim Slade are still trying to get the door open. They confirm that Lando is still up above holding down a rope for them to climb up. Saul bull rushes the door, but it doesnt budge.
Celphyx is upstairs and goes to the door but its locked. Enab found that he can get downstairs to Gaedrens office by walking down the walkway of the building. A kid tells him he can get there through Yagren’s office. The kids are all scared of Yagren. Enab asks who Yagren is, and an older kid points at Hookshanks and says to ASK HIM. Enab picks him up off the ground, strangling him, and demands him to tell. Hookshanks then is scared and describes the layout of the rest of the building. He also tells Enab the fastest way for him to get through the building to get to GL.
Lando ties down the rope upstairs, and Slade and Saul grab the rope down below. Enab leaves the gnome tied up and heads down the rope to Slade & Saul. He loses his grip and falls down the rope and lands on top of Big Jim Slade. They are both knocked prone.
Saul helps them up, and then heals Enab. On the next round he attempts to climb up the rope. Lando is popular with the children. BJS grabs the rope to stabilize it as Saul climbs and aid him. I make it halfway up, and Lando reaches down to help pull me up, and I get all the way up to the second floor.
A kid runs up to me and lands at my feet and begins weeping. I look at the child, and barely recognize him, he’s vaguely familiar and overcome with emotion. All the other orphans gather around and mob me, having heard from Itzal that I would come for him some day.
BJS yells to get the children clear. Saul leads the children out of the room, they stop at the dog by the door. Saul blows more smoke at the dog and keeps him high. The children see that the dog is not a threat, and follow Saul out of the building. The dog follows me out, and becomes my loyal canine follower.
Enab is downstairs now and knocking against the door that BJS it outside of. He’s trying to break it down or get it open. They finally break down the door and burst it from it’s hinges. Now Celphyx, BJS, and Enab are on the bottom floor with the door open. They enter into the center of the bottom floor room. An alligator is in a cage that is submerged in a moon pool in the center of the room.
BJS steps into the room, looking for Gaedren Lamm. He starts to think that perhaps GL is the crocodile? They put their torches in sconces on the walls. Above Enab, a trapdoor in the ceiling opens, and someone fires a wand at him doing 1 pt of acid damage.
BJS jumps up in the air, does a flip, and attempts to grab GL who is leaning down through the ceiling hole. He grabs him and lands back on the floor, throwing GL down on the floor in front of Enab. Celphyx tells BJS that this in not GL, but Yargin (one of GL’s longest serving henchmen) and he used to drip acid into her eyes as a child. BJS then remembers this guy also. He is laying on the floor whimpering like a bitch.
When he fell he had a vial of acid in his pocket, and it fell out and shattered doing 6 points of damage to him. As he stands up they see acid dripping from his clothes, and they all get attacks of opportunity against him. BJS takes his wand from him, and pockets it. Enab attacks of opportunity against him next and does additional nonlethal damage. He then ranged attacks Enab w/ touch attack and does another 4 points of damage. Enabs attacks back, and misses.
Saul is up on the street with the orphans and turns them over to Lando to watch. Saul heads 60 feet toward the room, with the dog following.
Top of the Round. BJS scorpion strikes him, making him not be able to move more than 5ft per round. Next, Celphyx casts Lullabye to sedate him. the crew makes saving throws and isnt affected. Yagrim is affected and is drowsy. Enab attacks him for nonletahl damage, and he is out.
A voice emerges from the ether. It calls out “Selfish” tahts what they use to call you for being so selfish. She is always hanging out with the darky fellow. Talks shit about everyone in the party about which guy is her “fella” now. Calls out Enab for living with the smelly sewer folks. Says that we can’t kill him if we tried. That we came to right old wrongs and did we think he was alwayslike this, taking children from the streets. Be careful what path you take. You think you are setting yourselves free, but maybe it’s a new kind of bondage we are walking into.
We are all mystified, the sound seems to come from every direction at once. We can’t tell where it’s coming from. Even Saul can hear someone talking and it’s a voice I don’t recognize.
Celphyx says you werent man enough then and you aren’t now. You are afriad to show your face. BJS says we arent scare of you anymore. Calls him out. Lam says the authorities have beetter things to do than chase down an old broken down crime boss. BJS picks up Yagrin and throws him against the wall and says hes coming with us and he’ll squeal. There are vigilantes you don’t know about. BJS tries to get everyone together and march Yagrin out of there.
Celphyx says we don’t know where he is located, he’s stealthy, and there must be a door that we aren’t seeing. BJS says we should take all our prisoners and take them all back to the Fortune Teller chick and see what she wants us to do.
GL asks if the fortune teller is Zirella, and that she is here with him. and shes in bad shape. And that we will be in bad shape too shortly. BJS is trying to hustle Yagrin out to the boat.
At this moment, the Alligator lunges up into the air and bites at Yagrin but misses.
Saul heads toward everyone, the dog leaps down onto the walkway below (Dog is named Marley), and Saul makes a climb check to get down. He climbs down the rope effortlessly. I hear the splashing of the crocodile, alarmed voices, etc.
BJS pushes Yagrin towards Enab towards Celphyx and flexes and points at the fake wall and tells everyone that GL is behind this wall since he shot the alligator with a crossbow bolt from behind this wall. Celphyx moves towards BJS while playing Bardic Performance (+1 hit/dam, +1 fear)
The crocodile attacks Enab, who does 7 hit points of damage, putting him at -3hp. He goes prone. A crossbow bolt shoots out of a sconce on the wall
Saul casts Rebuke Death on Enab and restores him to -2hp. A reggae song starts playing and smoke fills the room and he calls to Jah Rastafari for salvation.
BJS jumps on the alligator and tries to jam the crossbow bolt further into it to further harm him. He tries to move the alligator further into the pool and grapples him, preventing him from making future attacks.
Celphyx moves over to the fake wall where BJS was before. She tries to pick the lock and is not succesful. She will then attempt to disable device.
From behind the wall she hears a crossbow misfiring and GL being hurt slightly.
Saul casts a channel heal and heals saul +2hp, he is now at 2hp. Saul commands Marley the dog to guard Yagrin and not allow him to move or get up. He sits on his head and growls.
BJS is still fighting the alligator grappled. He attemps a scorpion strike. He keeps him grappled.
Celphyx attempts to open the door again with engineering roll and fails.
Another crossbow bolt shoots out at BJS but it glances off a railing and flies away.
Enab gets up. and attempts to throw his net on the crocodile and misses.
Saul casts another channel heal for Enab and gets him up to 8hp. Marley the dog continues sitting on and guarding Yagrin.
BJS gets off the alligator. Celphyx continues working on the locked door. She finally unlocks it and it springs open. BJS throws the acid wand to Celphyx and it lands on the ground at her feet. She picks up the wand.
GL attempts a crossbow bolt shot at BJS and hits him for 4 pts.
Enab throws his net over Yagrin and tangles him up. He also notices that GL continues to shoot his crossbow and has hit BJS.
Saul commands Marley to hold on to the net in his mouth and guard Yagrin, and then Saul moves up behind the rest of the party.
BJS unarmed strike’s GL and does 5pt damage through the arrow slit.
Celphyx attacks with chord of shards and misses GL.
GL is now aware of her presence due to her attack and takes out his dagger and comes up to Celphyx.
Enab attacks with a Bull Rush and knocks GL into the wall and does 8hp damage.
Saul does another channel heal for BJS and Enab. BJS gets +2 and Enab gets +4.
BJS attacks GL again and tells him that someone wants to see you. Intimidates him, and says You are comoing with us!
GL counter-bull rushes and pushes everyone back 5 feet. and attempts to make his way out the door and provokes attack of opportunity. He attacks Enab and does another 4hp damage.
Enab attacks GL with nonlethal attack for 10hp.
GL crumples to the floor, and Celphyx kicks him in the coin purse.
Celphyx pokes both GL and Yagrin in the eye with the acid wand and proclaims there is treasure down here. She sees the box on top of a dresser where she knows he used to keep his prized possessions.
In the box is the badly decomposed head of Zirella the Fortune Tella. Beneath her head is the fortune telling deck she used. As we look through it we see each of the cards we recieved with the writing on them. We all look in our personal posessions and see that we no longer have the original cards we received – they are all in this box. We notice the writing/ink on the cards is a reddish brown color.
Suddenly the room fades away and we smell incense, and see the tapestries on the walls. Zirella steps in through a door. She says we completed the task she set for us, and the story she told us was partly true. The other part is that after he son was killed, GL thugs took her Harrow deck again and she came down here to confront him herself. As we can see, she wasn’t able to leave this place. This is why although she knew where he was, she needed us to fight him. Her spirit was still strong enough in the Harrow deck she was able to coax bits of her own blood onto the cards that would resonate strongly with each of us.
We each got only the card that each of us would understand and see. her message had to be on the cards for us to see them. She asks one last favor. The body of her son is buried in the Gray district where he was placed. Take her l ast remains and lay them to rest by the side of her boy. Keep for ourselves the Harrow deck, there will be times where she will reappear and give us guidance and help through the deck.
Then the illusion of the tapestry room and incense fades away and we are back in the fish plant.
The ledger on top of the box contains an accounting of all of GL’s illegal activities. Since the group members speak verisian and linguistics skills we can decode everything in the book and realize this book will be of great interest to the authorities who want to shut down GL’s gang.
A footlocker in the room can be opened with the rusty iron key that Enab received earlier from Hookshanks. The treasures will be sent out by Bob on FB.
BJS picks up GL and Yagrin and the Gnome Hookshanks to take them out to to the street to Lando for watch. We take them to the authorities and turn them in. We also turn in 12 orphans. Marley pisses on them while they are in captivity.
Sauls brother, Itzal, stays with him.
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