Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 5/16/17

We last left off at Cressida Croft’s room she gave us to manage our crew. She has given each member a tin star that says “Deputy of Corvosa, In Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.
We re-read the mission given to us by Cressida:
“ Heroes of your caliber are what we need. We will be well compensated for providing our services. Many guards have deserted their posts. Some to take care of family, and some using the riots for personal gain. One in specific is Verik Van Caskerkan. He has gathered a group of guards and they have all deserted. She can’t pull anyone off to deal with him and doesn’t want any other guards to kill him or get infected by him. She wants us to deal with him. Him and his followers are in an abandoned butcher shop in Northgate called “all the worlds meat”. Capture him alive and return for interrogation, but if he makes it impossible, bring his body. Find out why he has deserted. $500 gold reward if returned alive, $250 if dead”.

Enab requests a spade in order for us to bury Croft’s remains. Enab also tells us the BLERGGACHH creature is a known creature that lives the deepest down below the city, they eat anything and have been there longer than the city and the rat folk. In the distant past they fought the rat folk and nearly annihilated each other. Recently they made peace and help each other. Enab also pointed him toward the fishery to find more wharf tendies.
We are heading toward the Gray district to bury the remains of Zirella. We notice many people in the streets. Smoke is in the air, the city is unstable. Someone approaches and says most ambassadors have left the city but some have stayed. But Ambassador Ampray from Cheliax has stayed. Another guy approaches, drunk, and yells about Gaedron Lamm getting killed. We drink with him, and he heads off.
We arrive in Gray district. It is calm and dignified. Many people are here. Lots of services being held. Celphyx locates the grave marker of her son. Saul smokes a huge bowl to Jah and draws some other worshippers from the Pantheon to bless him. 2 hours of digging and we have a grave. We craft a rough cross for her grave and engrave her name and a message.
We return to Croft at the castle, return the spade, and ask for any updates on heading to stop Von Kaskerkan. She asks for whatever info we can gather about bringing him to justice. It’s more important to her why this guy has deserted and if others will. Enab informs her about the people we encountered on the way to the graveyard. We plan to travel to find VK above ground without drawing attention.
As we make our way along the wharf, we hear a mob yelling, coming toward us. They are carrying weapons and pitchforks. They are gathered around something, prodding something. We approach. a working class woman is taunting a nobleman. She is burly woman with greasy hair and says “ Bitch never worked for an honest days wage, eh queens man. My brother lost him arm on the docks!” The crowd cheers!
Saul steps up, Rolls 20 on diplomacy, and blows a calming cloud of smoke. 2 people are affected and turn to look and realize I’m right, and walk off. Saul is saying “Good people, chill out and calm down”. BJS and Enab come up with a plan to approach the situation and try to arrest the nobleman in order to save him. BJS says “we are here to arrest this man for crimes against the people of this fine city”. They show their badges. Celphyx is in the crowd riling people up to support the arrest. The people make way and BJS and Enab approach him. BJS orders him to drop his sword. He does. BJS grabs him by his neck and whispers “play along we are getting you out of here”, and helps escort him out through the crowd. Someone overhears the whisper and calls it out, but he is intimidated. We get the guy away from the mob, and tell him to return to Croft and tell her that we have saved him.
He (Amen Jalento) is thankful for our help and wants to thank us. He takes off a ring and offers it up. Celphyx tells him he is a capitalist pig and to use his wealth to help others. Enab tells him to be well and to report to Croft. He says he is from the Jalento family and he takes care of the poor.
We continue on the way to All the Worlds Meat. It is in the Northgate neighborhood near northern bridge. It is upper class, and not a neighborhood any of us have frequented. Celphyx enters the shop and starts playing “Meat is Murder” by the Smiths.
In the building is a counter and display case. Blood is on the counter from meat. A guy is leaning against the wall. Another guy is standing. They have bows. A guy stops in the way and says “Shop’s Closed”. Lando steps in his way, flashes badge, and says “No, Shops Open” and intimidates. A guy slaps the badge out of his hand and says “What the fuck you gonna do with that?”
A guy buy the door yells “Cowhammer Boys don’t like the look of yall”. He has a warhammer. He swings at Celphyx and misses, hits a rafter on the roof. Another guy pulls a longbow and fires at Saul and misses. BJS tries to rush in and gets caught in the entrance and cant get in. Saul and Marley attack the Warhammer guy and miss. Celphyx disengages and starts to play inspire courage. Enab attempts to throw a net to entangle. The warhammer guy is entangled. Honey Badger attacks him and he is wounded bad and turns to run but falls. The other guys exits through the door.
BJS disengages to go around the back to watch the back door for anyone leaving. Around back he finds a livestock paddock. He does a sweet Crouching Tiger Hidden Slade move and flips over the paddock fence.
Saul attempts to manacle the guy on the ground but fails. Lando sends Hun Solo in to attack but he misses and doesn’t give a fuck. The door is unaffected. Enab kicks the guy for a coup de grace nonlethal damage. The guy is now passed out. Marley barks at him to assert dominance. Saul puts manacles on him.
BJS in the back of the paddock enters the slaughter house door. He enters a hallway with dirt floor and 2 doors. Foul smelling animal pens, water troughs and hay. There is a big room with butchering tables, vats with steam. Like the scene from Indiana Jones where the fireplace is triggered and rotates – BJS comes through this door into the slaughtering floor and catches 2 guys butchering a carcass and they are all stunned to see each other.
Saul takes a grappling hook at attempts to hook it into the door. He fails. Marley consoles him. Lando enters the meatery and closes the door and flips the sign to closed. Hun Solo attacks the door and smashes it open, finding a long narrow hallway. There are some doors in the hallway. At the end of the hallway is an archer with a longbow. Celphyx casts resistance on Enab. Enab fuckpillages the warhammer on the ground.
The group is stunned to learn that Kristina Baker loves attention. She is a self aware attention roomba sucking up every bit of attention in the room leaving a void for everyone else.
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