Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Tuesday 4/4/17

We head to the main lair of the rat folk. We find one guy who seems to be at the center, the most blinged out of all individuals.
We converse with the rat king and find out that he sent out Enab in order to put this plan in motion and help him find the party to help. The King agrees to the plan. Saul asks him to keep an eye out for any pearl shaped objects.
The Rat King provides us with a spot to wait, in comfortable quarters. He provides Rat D’oiverse for us to enjoy. Many spiders move through the room and other creatures move by.

The King comes by at 10pm and says everything is ready. Allows us to review the preparations. Then he allows us to stay for the night and provides beds.
Big Jim awakens during the evening and finds cunningly conceiled rat folk around the room keeping watch for security.
King awakens us in the morning and provides breakfast of a boiled egg and pickle. He asks if we want to stay underground during the day and get a tour, or go up to the city for the day.
Big Jim mentiones wanting to go up to city and try to find a new member of our party. Saul mentions that he knows a Punk Rock Bard who is musically inclined from south city where he grew up. Big Jim is a fucking literal bitch who takes everything too literally and furiously apologizes to Saul for any misunderstanding he may have caused.
Enab lets king Manishevitz know we are going to go up to the city and find her. We agree to be back underground to the King at 8pm in order to help prepare for the 12pm assault on Shamus.
We go to south of city with no encounters on the way. Get introduced to Celphyx and she joins the party.
We go to the Jade Circle for a breakfast, which Enab offers to pay for everyone in order to compensate them for helping him. Celphyx knows the place and leads the way in. The MaitreD knows Celphy and welcomes her in and offers to give us a complimentary meal in return for her to provide music for the restaurant. She rips out a huge guitar and amp and mosh pit of younger patrons blows up. We get a ton of free food and eat to our hearts content. By the time we leave, word has spread and the concert has turned into a party, Celphy gets tipped 6 silver pieces.
By 1030am, we are done. MaitreD thanks Celphy and we get ready to leave. We walk toward the city toward Shamus Funyun market area to ask villagers for updates on the plan ttonight to make sure it’s still going on as planned.
In the middle of the city we are approached by two big dudes menacingly. We end up getting away from them by buying shitty leather armor from them. We notice posters all over town saying that a Circus will be in town tonight. Saul needs armor but doesn’t have time to buy any. Celphyx talks to some people around town and asks about shymus Funyun.
We help a man fix a wagon wheel and he tells us about Shymus Funyun. He says that Otyugh are coming up from underground and attacking people. And that Shamus plan is happening as we understood it was, no changes.
Another guy mentions to Big Jim the curse of the crimson throne and that hes worried about the King being sick, etc. BJS tells him to stop watching Fox News.
We stop and get armor for Saul.
We walk past the summoning school and see 2 small creatures called Dandasuka’s (Biters, serve as spies and assassins). We roll initiative and engage them.
We fight these guys, Enab gets injured and bleeds on the ground. Saul casts cure light wounds and heals him +2. More fighting occurs, and then the creatures see blood on the ground and fall on it to lick the blood off the ground. BJS tells us we should leave while they are preoccupied.
We run away, and head to the sewers.
Meet the Rat king. He heals Enab completely. The rats give Saul a Scale Mail armor in perfect condition. In return i give him the crappy leather armor we took from the thugs. He is very pleased. He also brings out an array of Jewelry to see if any of it is the pearl that Saul is looking for. It is rings, etc, but none is the Pearl. He says they will continue to seek.
Business being done, the king summons his people, drums start playing. the music sounds like a signal. Rat King leads us to the area north east of town where the sewer entrance is. Lando notices there are rat people up in the trees outside of town. We arrive at 11pm and we take up positions hidden in a copse of trees to watch from there.
A little after midnight we hear noise from the bridge. Loud people, rambunctical. Torches and lights, pitchforks. We wait to see what will arrive. After 10 min they come out in the open, and we see 5 guys with torches and pitchforks, DRUNK and carrying on. One leads the way,
we assume it’s Funyon leading the party.
Ian and Mike realize taht above the noise we can hear a buzz of conversation coming from the city.
Slade recommends to send in the honey badger to disrupt the party. The guys wonder around and pee in bushes, and around 12:45 they finally find the entrance to the sewers. Rat people have not stirred the entire time. They start yelling into the entrance, daring each other to go into sewers.
Finally Shamus Funyun grabs his torch and marches in, followed by the rest. We hear voices getting quieter as they go farther in. After 10 minutes we hear running water and a huge commotion. The Hodunks finally come walking out covered head to toe covered in shit, torches out, dejected.
Lando sends in the Honey Badger to disrupt and scare the shitbirds. Hun Solo knocks one of them over, the rest start yelling. The badger retreats back to the woods. They walk off to town, and turn to go back across the north bridge.
We hear sound of laughter from 1000+ people who are gathered to see the circus from seeing the flyers. The flyers were a ruse put up by the Rat King to draw people to catch the shitbirds. They are humiliated. The Rat King invites us to stay at his chamber underground. He provides bed, Ratdouvres, cheese, and comfort.
Around 4am we awaken to a noise. The Rat King comes in, and says he has terrible news. After the plan last night to discredit Shamus Funyun, and our success that brought peace to the sewer dwellers….the body of Shamus was found. He was murdered, and there was rat tracks around his body. He was murdered in a way that neutralizes the humiliation that we did to him. This now looks bad to the rat people.
He tells Lando he knows of his secret travels in the sewers to a place of learning, and that he was unjustly accused.
The king leaves, and we think that all of this to stir up the populace has failed beacuse Shamus was working with someone to help stir up things against rat people, and since he failed, someone killed him and blamed it on the rate people. We think Gaedron Lamb is involved.
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