Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Monday 4/18/17

Plans to infiltrate are discussed. Lando will send in the honey badger and run in asking if anyone has seen it. Then send in Slade and Enab in saying that Slade is sick from Wharf Tendies and wants a refund. He will throw up to distract them, supported by Slade.
Saul & Celphyx will stay in reserve and cast Guidance and Inspire Performance/Message to boost them going in and stay in communication. Then they will enter once it’s clear.
After all the planning, we put the plan into action and the building is completely locked up, with no one around. The GM is a completel dick.
We walk around the building and scout it out. Slade and Enab keep up the pretense and scout around the building. We cant find a way in after scouting the building. We find a large abandoned boat up against the building. After scouting it again we decide to light it on fire in order to drive them out.

Enab gives Slade 2 flasks of oil and a fire starter. Slade volunteers to light it. Slade jumps off the pier and lands on top of the boat easily.
Slade tries to let Enab know that he sees a door in the lower floor of the building from the boat. He yells at Enab to GET THE OTHERS and then he hears a barking form the door. He decides to head to the door and open it, and falls throuhg the wood into the hull of the boat. We then roll init.
In the hull, Slade sees 5 tiny fist size spiders. he waves a torch at them to intimidate. They are intimidated for 3 riounds. Saul runs to the boat to help. he then runs to the door along the building where the dog is bartking. Saul takes a huge bong rip and blows it under the door. The smoke passifys the dog and he calms down and stops barking.
Slade is stlil inside the ship fighting spiders but the rest of the party doesn’t know his whereabouts. Everyone else is on the dock. Slade kicks open a door on the boat to get out onto the top deck. He then jumps down onto the dock and heads to the door on the building and listens for noise or sound. he percieves nothing. The rest of the party has lost track of him.
Saul stands up at the door, and the party prepares to have Enab break down the door. Suddenly the door bursts open. I am knocked off the dock into the water.
A 7ft male Half Orc busts out the door knocking Saul into the water and looks down at Saul, laughing at him. Enab comes up to the Half Orc and tries to bluff him asking if children are OK. The HO realizes the bluff and mocks him.
elphyx casts Resistance on Enab. A gnome sneaks up behind her and attacks her down to half damage and she is prone. Lando bull rushes the HO and knocks him into the water.
Slade jumps into a rowboat to try and get to Saul. The HO drowns. Enab attacks the gnome with a trident and does damage, but doesn’t kill him. He is impaled on trident.
In the water the shark goes after the Half Orc. Blood is in the water. Saul is aware of it happening.
Celphyx stands up provoking attack of opportunity from Gnome. She casts Cure Light Wounds on herself and heals to full.
The Gnome attempts to attack but fails. Lando and Hun Solo head into building through open door. There is a horrible stench coming through door. Lando pukes his guts out. He sees a stoned dog laying in the corner who doesn’t bother him at all. The walls of the room has stairs and a walkway above second floor. The room has hammocks and children sleeping in them. Vats of fish guts are around. on the other side there is an open section of floor that looks down into the river below. He looks around the room for rope. On the upper second level he sees 2 doorways above.
Slade tries to row the boat toward Saul goodman in the water. He is able to row 20 feet towards Saul. The HO pops up out of the water and swims to the boat and grabs on. Enab tries to kill the gnome but misses. The shark re-attacks the Half Orc in the water. Celphyx moves into the room and casts Inspire Courage, which benefits everyone. The gnome attacks Enab with a kukri.
Lando grabs a rope in the room and looks down into the water. Saul percieves it from the water. Slade uses Scorpion Strike on the HO in the water. He then immobilizes the HO and then pushes him down and holds him underwater. Saul is able to get over to the boat and pull himself up.
The Half Orc drowns and is attacked by the shark underwater. Enab tries to attack the gnome and misses. Celphyx moves into the room by the hole in the floor. Lando yells for us to get to the rope. Slade picks up Saul out of the water and pulls him into the boat, we push off a piling to head the boat back to the rope dropped by Lando.
The HO finally is dead under water and blood and chum and the shark is doing circles in the blood.
Celphyx enters in the room to start waking up the children but they don’t trust her because she is a creepy old bulldike steel toe leather boot lesbo and not playing Lady Gagsters.
Enab still is fighting the gnome. Lando attempts to help wake up the children and get them out of the room. The kids start getting out of the hammocks and asking quetsions about what is going on. He doesn’t answer any questions and tells them to trust you and get ready to go. The kids go upstairs and hit the shut locked door and can’t open it yet.
Slade and Saul arrive at the dock and get out of the boat. Slade says he heard Lando over here and leads Saul to the door in the lower floor of building. Slade holds the boat to the dock to help me out. Enab still misses the Goblin.
Celphyx whispers to Enab via MESSAGE to get in here I have a door I need you to knock down. Enab responds that he is busy with Gnome. Slade and Saul move to the lower door which is locked.
The gnome drops to his knees and starts telling Enab whatever he wants. Enab says where is Lamm? The gnome says he will tell him. Enab makes him show him where. Lamm is supposed to be downstairs according to the gnome.
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