Pathfinder CotCT – Game Notes – Monday 3/27/17

Evan – Lando Pike – Summoner w/ Honeybadger named “Hun Solo”
Murdoch – Big Jim Slade – Monk
Aryeh – Enab – Fighter
Ian – Saul Goodman – Rastafarian Cleric
Spax – Celphyx – Punk Rock Bard

shymus fanion “Shameless Funyun” – causing trouble and unrest. He thinks the sewer folk are causing problems, and is stirring up people to go after them and clean out sewers.
Enab (aryeh) has been chosen to fight this injustice. Champion of the sewer folk. He knows of an underground entrance to the catacombs that goes under the river out to the trails end.
Big Jim Slade knows of Saul from him spending time in recovery down in the southern Korvosa at the shrines. He also knows of Enab from past experiences. He pulls together the group to work together on the quest.
Enab leads us into a culvert, the entrance to the underground tunnel to the catacambs the leads back to the city under the river.
Enab runs us into a Janitor friend who tells us to search in the Citadel Heights neighborhood to begin searching for Shameless Funyun.
On the way we are approached by Drain Spiders. They see Enab, and back off.
We come up in the Ridgefield Neighborhood, and make our way into Citadel Crest.
Enab speaks to a local Poopsmith who says he doesn’t know where Shameless Funyun is but that he’s planning on doing something tomorrow night outside of town “across the bridge”.
We spread out to canvas the neighborhood and see if we can find more info from anyone who looks knowledgeable.
We talk to lots of random people to try and find out info about Shameless’ meeting. We don’t come across anyone in league with him who would tip him off.
Saul talks to an old man who after getting him high, tells him that he knows of Shameless event is occurring tomorrow night at an old camp across the river. They are planning to go into the sewers and get purposely attacked by anything down there, then come up and use it to instigate outrage at the sewer dwellers by everyone in town. His group also acts like they have a huge posse of people, but really it’s a small group of followers.
Lando Pike says he has spent time in the sewers and knows that this will happen tomorrow night at MIDNITE in the entrance to the sewers outside of Trails End.
QUESTIONS: Who are they going to find underground and why are they trying to stir things up?
PLAN: To intercept them on this mission and capture someone we can take to the magistrate/law to grill them and find out why they are stirring things up.
Enab – wants to let the people underground know whats happening. Says we should warn the people so they can clear out of that part of the sewer so they aren’t around when Shamus goes down there, and maybe get police involved to wait down there to catch them?
FINAL PLAN FROM ENAB: Go to the sewer dweller elders and form a plan with them to catch Shamus Funyun in his plot underground and redirect a shitstorm of sewer juice all over them to ruin their credibility.
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