Retro PC Gaming – DOOM Companion Edition from Laser Magic (1993)

Another blast from the past is the DOOM Companion from Laser Magic.  Claiming to contain a DOOM “Companion Edition” that includes:

  • Maps of every level!
  • Game recordings!
  • Level editors!
  • Hints & cheat codes!
  • Sound editors!
  • Plus TONS MORE!!!
  • Plus: Episode 1: KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD!

Another pack of DOOM add on crap.  I do remember actually using this one and trying to figure out some of the level and sound editors.  It was much more complex than they made it sound.  I think we picked this up at the

Pomona computer fair as well sometime in the mid-late 90’s.  I have also scanned the manual that came in the jewel case:

Read more to see the rest of the manual!

And of course, for your downloading and DOOM modding pleasure:



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