Retro PC Gaming – DOOM Add-Ons

In the world of unofficial 90’s add-on packs for games like DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem, etc, this one is kind of odd.  I can’t seem to find any details on who produced this one.  It’s definitely done without any sort of official approval or anything, but still is a really cool collection of .WADs for doom.

I remember waiting for hours to download a Simpsons Doom .WAD over Prodigy Internet and then feeling like a Zero C00l level hacker when I got it working.  Then we started picking up these add on packs at the Pomona Computer Fair with my Dad and it opened up a whole new world!

If you would like to download this and play around with these add-ons yourself with DOOM or DOOM II, I have provided a .ISO rip of the disk.  Click the link below to download:



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