Lots of Updates on Cars, Music, and Games Pages!

I have been slowly accomplishing a long time goal of building out these pages here on my hobbies.  I’ve collected a lot of valuable information on all sorts of things related to cars, music, games, tech… and I’m building out my site here as a repository of much of this info.  Over the past few months I’ve added some serious info to some of my pages, but I realized they are kind of buried and not everyone is going to easily find them.  You’ll find my shop manual collection, music mixes…all sorts of cool stuff!

So here are some links to the detail I’ve fleshed out on these pages…I hope someone interested in any of these hobbies finds this valuable:

Music (DJ Scum)

All of my DJ sets will be posted here, free for download.  I’d love any feedback on my music as I learn more, please comment!

Games (RPG/Battletech/Video)

Details on all my gaming adventures, from Pathfinder and RPG/Tabletop gaming, to video gaming projects, and Battletech!

Toys (Battletech Collection)

My entire collection details on the original TYCO Battletech Toys from the 1990’s animated series!

Cars (1966 Mustang, 1956 Pontiac, 1990 Vette…)

Details on all of my cars, some past, some present.  Even a page with free downloads of all the Factory Service Manuals I have.  Please check it out and comment!

RC Plane Builds

Detailed build instructions from my experience building the Hobby King “909” B-17 Flying Fortress.  The instructions that came with it were complete shit, so I hope that documenting my experience helps anyone who is working on it too.

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