My Original PC Mechwarrior 2, Heavy Gear, and Battletech Games!

My dad brought down a box he had saved containing tons of our original disks and manuals from quite a few of the hundreds of PC games we had growing up.  There are some real classics in here, but as I’m recently really getting back into the Battletech universe and Mechwarrior, Mechwarrior 2, and Mechwarrior Online, I was really stoked to find these discs, manuals, and even some flyers for original VR tech from the 90’s and original MW2 Multiplayer software!

I posted them on Reddit, and a few people wanted rips of the Cyberstorm discs, so if anyone wants them you can grab them here:!4023&authkey=!AL6IRVj7XjJ5DdE&ithint=folder,bin

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