Another Craigslist Wacko

It’s always interesting to see what oddball douchebags come out of the woodwork when posting shit on CL.  As usual I have a ton of stuff posted for sale on the site, but for some weird reason I have been getting a ton of weird responses to my posting of my MSI GT70 gaming laptop for sale/trade.  Maybe it’s because the only people interested in it are computer nerds with extremely limited social skills, but whatever the reason I have received some interesting emails about it.

Until now, the best offer was a trade for installation of solar panels on our house.  To be honest, I considered this for a hot second before turning it down.  I’m not altogether positive that I really want to get rid of thing thing anyway, I just posted it because I really don’t even have time to use it, and I wanted to see what kind of trade offers I might get for a $2000 gaming laptop.

Anyway, last night I received an interesting email from a guy named Alonso.  I wish I could say that I blocked out all his personal information here so that no one could go spam him to death…but I didn’t because the guy was a dick.  So feel free to spam the shit out of him, or send him cat pictures or something.  I don’t care.

Anyway, I’ve had this happen a few times before on CL where people email you and give you shit about your ad, or the price, or whatever.  They aren’t interested in buying it, they are literally just bitching at you because they disagree with something in your ad.  I don’t understand this type of person.  Who has time to do this shit?  I will email someone if I have a question about the item they are selling, or want to make an offer, but I never would email someone a review of their posting, or write them just to talk shit because I disagree with their price.  It’s retarded.

So that’s why I felt pretty good about my response and had a good laugh before clicking SEND.  I hope you enjoy as much as I did (but unless you are in to gaming computers, I doubt you’ll enjoy it all that much)…


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