The 200,000 Mile ZX9

This is awesome to see, as I picked up a 2001 ZX9-R a few months ago with only 2,800 miles on the clock.  This dude has put 200k on his 1998, so now I have a new record to beat.  I’ve already clocked over 1,000 miles in just over a month, so I think I should be able to beat 200k by the time I’m 71. haha

My 2001 ZX9-R

My 2001 ZX9-R

Check out the article here, and wish me luck beating his record!

Update:  How funny is it that when I previewed this post, Google adsense had the following ad displayed above it.  Are they that good to know that I’m over-compensating for something by buying fast bikes?  :mrgreen:

Horsepower can't compensate for everything...

How did Google know I'm over-compensating for something?!

Update 2: Happened to come across this link about a Million Mile Harley Davidson.  I thought 200k on a Kawi was impressive, but god damn.  Assuming he rode 1,000,000 at an average of 65 mph, this dude would have spent roughly 15,385 hours in the saddle.  This equals about 641 days, or 1.76 years straight riding a motorcycle.  Now that’s dedication!

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