Coors Light Cake

Sidetracked by The Amazing Coors Light Beer Cake

Let me begin this post with the most awesome picture I have ever seen to date.  I jumped on Facebook tonight, and much to my delight I saw THIS:


Coors Light Cake

Delicious Coors Light cake created by my awesome friend from home, Tara.


Holy shit.  Talk about those lame cooking shows that chicks watch like Cake Bitch and Cupcake Cunt or whatever they are called (side note: bonus feature of being single – I don’t have to sit through that shit anymore) – my friend Tara would put those bitches in the ground with this creation.  It’s confirmed – this thing consists of 3 layers of cake, and the Coors Light cans are the only thing better than Coors Light – RICE KRISPY TREATS!  Can you believe this concoction?  I can only surmise that this is what Jesus gives you on your birthday in Heaven.  Mother of God, Tara, you have really outdone yourself.


A side note about the creator of this masterpiece: in high school we always had an inside joke between Evan (my twin brother), and our good friend Tara (I think Tara an I even dated for a bit – you can see why when you look at this cake) that she was such a good cook, the only career for her once she got out of high school would be to join the army as a cook.  Hence our nickname for Tara, “Front Line Cook”.  Ok, doesn’t sound so funny in retrospect here, but you can see that she’s one hell of a cakerer (is that a word?  Creator of cakes).


I would also like to point out to my favorite dirt bag friends, KJo and Jbizzle should they read this, NOTICE that the piss water Bud Light is haphazardly discarded and laying on it side in its proper place of shame, meanwhile the Blue-Mountain, Frost-brewed, wide-mouth vestibules of ice cold liquid joy are so prominently displayed.  Suck it!


For everyone else, meet the creator of this delicious creation –  This is Tara, one of the coolest chicks I know:


Tara Stallings

My good friend Tara "Front Line Cook"


Anyway, I digress.  This post has really gotten off topic.  What initially started out as a deep, thought provoking post got completely derailed by a picture of a beer cake.  What can I say, I’m a simple fuckin’ man.  Since I had a great time writing this post about a cake which turned out to be quite substantial, I’m going to save for tomorrow the post I initially set out to write here about a change of attitude and motivation in my life that came my way by means of a Filthy Nomad traveling the world on a motorcycle with nothing to his name other than a bag of weed and a titanium rod in his leg from a motorcycle crash.


With that, I’ll just leave you of a taste of the wisdom this genius possesses.  Behold this YouTube video my buddy Alex recorded sometime last year.  He was on his second trip back into Alaska by way of Canada and had to hide a satchel of green in the woods before the Washington border crossing.  He had every intention of retrieving it on his way back, but ended up getting in a gnarly motorcycle crash in Alaska and snapped his leg like a twig.  Well that satchel ended up staying where he buried it for almost 2 years, marked only by a pillar of rocks in some obscure shape that was only known to him.  I imagined this like Blackbeards treasure hidden on some remote island with a skull jammed into the tip of a cutlass hammered into the ground, or Cortez’ stash of Aztec gold, hidden underground with only a tattered map to mark its place …..ok fuck my imagination is running wild and I’ve watched too many pirate movies and I’m starting to ramble.  Anyway, check out his video on YouTube of when he came back 2 years later to dig up the “green gold” that he hid…the suspense will almost kill you!   hahahaha



I’ll leave you with that and I’ll return tomorrow with some more thoughts.  I’m dedicating myself to posting religiously from now on as a means to get some thoughts off my chest.  My life is changing pretty drastically, and I want to get some thoughts on virtual paper to figure out how I want it to change.


I’m heading out to Plaster City tomorrow morning to blow the cobwebs off the CRF with AK47, K, and one of my lifelong best friends Big Pat!  I’ve got the GoPro charged up, so hopefully tomorrow night everyone can enjoy my latest crash footage.


Good Night!

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