Ian Goes Cougar Hunting…Hilarity Ensues

My last attempt at online dating crashed and burned…so why not try it again? This time with COUGARS!

The Car Collection that would put Jay Leno to Shame

This guy posted a link on Reddit who apparently worked for a guy who owned the largest private car collection of something like 850 cars. I wonder if this is bigger than Jay Leno’s collection?

Want to Learn to Program?

If you are interested in learning to program, check out some of my favorite sites. Hopefully one of these will point you in the right direction on learning more about programming!

The 200,000 Mile ZX9

This is awesome to see, as I picked up a 2001 ZX9-R a few months ago with only 2,800 miles on the clock.

Formula 1 Ripper

Formula 1 Drivers, MotoGP Tires, and Life in the Matrix

The amount of science and engineering that goes into this stuff is simply amazing! I sometimes get overwhelmed just trying to comprehend things like this. I’m just not the type of person with a brain that is cut out to understand these sorts of things.

Trashed KLR

Changing Perspective Thanks to the Filthy Nomad

Meeting a new friend gave me the motivation to be a little more positive these days. I hope it lasts!

Coors Light Cake

Sidetracked by The Amazing Coors Light Beer Cake

I stumble across an amazing cake made to look like an ice chest full of ice cold CL cans and end up so enamored with this thing I can’t even finish the post I initially set out to write tonight. Oh well, this cake is AMAZING!